Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. There is no reason why you cannot use the latest technology to help with your work from home business. For example, if someone is sending over a PDF for you to read, then send it to your Kindle or ebook reader and read it while you sit with your young children while they complete their homework. Even if they ask you for help occasionally, you won’t lose your place. You can even make notes as you go along.

Buying a tablet computer will make it easy for you to call up your website and check your statistics when it suits you, rather than having to make a stop in your home office to find out how many products you have sold online today.

Sync your tech

Make sure that your computers, tablets and cell phones sync with each other so that wherever you are you have the latest set of information available. Even if a client calls when you are showing your children the latest football moves in the garden, you won’t need to miss a step.

Ensuring that all mobile devices display your latest calendar will make it easy for you to agree an appointment with a client or a supplier, or arrange a delivery. With your calendar always up to date, you will know when you can balance family and work time without having to let anyone down.


Being able to send and receive email from any of your mobile equipment will help you sit by a sleeping baby or wait for the kettle to boil in the kitchen. By using your time more productively you will complete more work in less time, ensuring your time management and financial controls are on plan.

Internet speed

As you are working from home, you will need the best speed internet access you can buy. And of course, the best Wi-Fi signal. Finally, it is vitally important that you choose an internet supplier where your system stays up 99+% of the time. When the web is your means of communicating your business to the world, you need to be able to access your bank, suppliers, services and website whenever it suits you.

Image source: jpsimplysites.com

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