Moms, what are your must have makeup products?

I always carry a small cosmetic pouch with my must have makeup products. The list below is what I don’t leave home without:

  1. Lip liner. This is needed before I apply my lip gloss.
  2. Lip gloss. A definite need to keep my lips moist and on point.
  3. Eye liner. Usually if you have a good eye liner you should need only to apply once but I feel the need to carry with me just in case.
  4. Make up brush. To powder my nose when needed-  it still has just enough makeup left on it for touch ups.
  5. A compact mirror.  Although not a beauty product-  it is a must have when applying your makeup.

I usually apply my mascara, eyebrow liner, eye shadow and foundation at home before I leave the house. I do not carry these products with me.

What are your must have beauty products?

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