When you were working in an office building and someone else was your boss, you probably weren’t nearly as concerned about doing things like turning off your laptop at night to conserve energy or being conservative when it came to the use of the various office supplies that were available.

Oh, but now that you have your own home office and home office equipment, now that you’ve spent your own money to make various purchases, you realize that you are concerned about maintaining items in a way that you never really have before. Suddenly, it’s not just “office stuff”, but your personal investment.

Do you want some tips on maintaining your home office equipment for years to come? If so, read these:

Read up. A big mistake that a lot of people make is assuming that they know how to maintain an item without actually reading the manufacturer’s guide on how to do so. You have to remember that the person who invented it usually knows best and so always make the time to read the instruction manuals.

Do some dusting. Little pieces of dust, overtime, become big piles of dust. When that happens, it can prevent your electronic equipment from functioning at an optimal level. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to dust everything off with a lint-free cloth and a dab of anti-static cleaner.

Do some cleaning too. Dusting once per week is a good habit to get into. Another one is to clean your equipment with some a little bit of hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol (you can do some research on your favorite search engine about how to specifically use them both). The reason why both of these tend to be better than the more commercialized products is because they don’t contain toxic chemicals, which can sometimes be too strong for certain pieces of equipment and not the best environment for you to breathe in, either.

Take special care of your computer(s). Our laptops and desktops tend to get quite a bit of wear and tear on them. For this reason, they need a bit more of extra special attention. Spray a little distilled water on your screen protector and monitor and then remove the fingerprints with a soft cloth. Clean the track ball within your house with a bit of alcohol, make sure that anti-virus software is continually running and if you are someone who prefers to leave your computer continually on, at least once a week, turn it off. That way, it gives your utility bill a bit of a break while also giving your computer the opportunity to make updates once you turn it back on and reboot.

Keep a list. It’s a good idea to keep track of your office supplies so that you don’t run out. (After all, time is money, right?) However, when it comes to your office equipment, the list that you need to make is in relationship to the longevity of each piece of equipment. When you make your purchases, ask the sales associate what the “life expectancy” of each item is, along with what you need to do in order to get the best possible use out of it. The more proactive you are about this, the more money (and time and energy) that it will save you in the long run.

Image source: mustbeshared.blogspot.com

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