If your kitchen becomes cluttered and disorganized, it can make using it a real challenge. With just a few simple changes, however, you can convert your kitchen into an organized and stylish space. Here are a few of the best ways to quickly and easily improve the organization of your kitchen.

Get Rid of Non-Essential Items

Do you really use that juicer? What about that waffle maker? The first thing to do is go through the items and appliances that you keep in your kitchen and ask yourself whether you really need them. Get rid of those things that you never use by selling them or giving them to a friend. You may find that space is not the issue in your kitchen, and that the only real problem is that you have too many things.

Store Less-Used Items Out of the Way

If you have items in your kitchen that you really like but hardly use, such as a special serving bowl or a fine set of silver cutlery, store them somewhere out of the way. This could be up in the highest cabinets, or in plinth draws below the cabinets. This will keep them out of the way until you want to use them.

Get More from Your Bare Walls

If you have lots of wall space, make use of it. Build more cabinets, put up some shelves or even invest in a stylish wall organizer. These will help you to make the most out of your space without the area becoming too cluttered.

Tidy Away Clutter

Clutter can make even the most stylish kitchens difficult to use. There are many solutions to get rid of clutter, including plastic bag holders, utensil organizers and spice racks, to name a few. There are many stylish kitchen appliances available from online stores like Betta Living, which can help you to reduce clutter and make your kitchen look really trendy.

Remove Cabinet Doors

This is a good trick to create more space if your kitchen is quite small. Simply take the doors off the cabinets and use the insides of the cabinets as open shelves instead. This will allow you to save the same amount of space, but you will open up the kitchen more, making it appear larger.

Organize Your Spaces

Try to use different areas of your kitchen for different things. For example, have a food preparation area, a washing up area and a storage area. Then store the things you need for each task in the right area, making using your kitchen that much easier and more enjoyable.

Start Thinking About Your Own Kitchen

If your kitchen could do with a bit more organization, start to think about how you could improve it. Visit some showrooms and cut out images from magazines to get some ideas. In no time at all, your kitchen could become a stylish and organized place that you really enjoy spending time in.

Written by interior designer, James Young.

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