Careful consideration should be made when painting concrete garage floors. Plenty of care, patience and preparation should be made during the process. The more time that is spent on the preparation, the better the outcome will be. After the preparation has been done, painting this floor is similar to painting a wall. In order to get the best results, you should do this task when the weather is not humid. There is the option of painting the concrete garage floor yourself, but, if you do not know how to do it, you can hire a garage concrete floor expert.

The Step by Step Process

Cleaning the Floor

The floor should be cleaned or swept and oil or grease stains removed. This can be done using a soapy water solution that is in a bucket as well as a stiff bristle kind of brush. After you have removed the stains, give the floor some time to dry off.

Next, you should wash the garage floor with a combination of two parts water and one part of non toxic concrete cleaners. It is critical to clean the floor with this solution. Ensure that you are getting sufficient ventilation during this project.

Fill the Cracks

After you have finished the floor, give it enough time to dry. At least 30 minutes would be sufficient enough for the garage floor to dry. Make use of the concrete crack seal that is available at the hardware stores to fill out the cracks. Also, use a tiny putty knife to eliminate the excess crack filler.

Ensure that you allow the crack filler to dry off. In case your garage can accommodate two cars, you can consider starting with one side of the garage. With this strategy, you will require having a masking tape, which can be run down in the middle of the garage floor. This will help you differentiate the two sides of the floor.

Paint the Floor

Make use of a bonding primer to prime the concrete garage floor after which you can utilize the paint roller to cover the floor. Take note that the primer dries off in an hour or so. Apply epoxy paint as the top coat. Ensure that you have mixed the epoxy paint, but, once it has been applied it causes no destruction. It is necessary to read the instructions on the epoxy paint in regards to its use.

After the floor has been prepared carefully, you can paint the first coat. Areas that have got a crisp edge should be tapped off. Utilize a big brush (4 inch and above) to paint the perimeter area. Be careful as you paint so as to avoid the paint spilling off to other areas. The 2 part paint should be poured into the roller tray and the paint should be rolled on the floor. For the best kind of results, you can put the two coats on. In order to get the best results, make sure that you apply two coats.

With this information in mind, the question of how to paint a concrete garage floor should be answered. Remember for the best results you can hire a garage concrete floor expert in your area.

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