CartI have a friend who owns her own cleaning company.  Owning your own cleaning company is one of the best businesses to profit from during these economic hard times.  You can start a cleaning service company with less than $1500.00.  You will need to purchase some cleaning supplies, vaccum (the client may have their own vaccum) and other cleaning items you feel will meet the requirements to perform your services.

Before you start your cleaning company– it is very important to decide on which market you will be targeting.  There are two — the commercial and consumer market,  and you will need to decide if it will be franchise or independently owned.  If you choose a franchise there will be certain guidelines to follow and fees that have to be paid regularly.  Once you have determined the type of cleaning company you would like to operate make sure you get licensed and bonded (insured) for your protection.  You can also decide if you would like to clean apartments, residential homes, or a company/business.  Your first staff can consist of family or friends.

My friend loves her cleaning company, which allows her more time with her family and a substantial income.

For more information on how to get started–check out the link powerhomebiz.  Powerhomebiz is one the best sites on how to get started.

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