Let’s face it: working in urban areas has become something of a nightmare for the average person, and the continuing economic recession only makes the situation worse.  People used to be able to live and work in roughly the same area, but with cities expanding into suburbs further and further from the center and housing prices skyrocketing closest to the action, most people can only afford to attain the American dream of home ownership by spending half their life in gridlock.  Then there are office politics, never fun to deal with and becoming increasingly complicated by a web of legalities and lawsuits.  In short, corporate life is almost more trouble than it’s worth, and by the time you get home at the end of the day, you’d rather blow up your fridge than microwave some macaroni.  Luckily, there is an alternative, one that is becoming increasingly popular in this modern era of technologic advances in communications.  So whether you’re considering starting your own business, cutting ties to corporate life in order to freelance, or simply telecommuting for your current job, you are not alone in looking for ways to cut the commute and work from home.

By and large, people work for one reason: to support themselves and their family.  While a handful of Americans still live it up old-school by owning property, farming and ranching for all of their food needs, and bartering locally for goods, this antiquated lifestyle has mostly faded from the scope of individual living.  Everything today runs on money and that is what you’ll need to get in order to survive.  That means finding a job.  Traditionally, this includes leaving the house every day to drive to a commercial building and sit in a cubicle, industriously clicking away on a keyboard of your era, awaiting the day you can retire.  And for most people, this is just as awful as it sounds.  But thanks to leaps and bounds in the technology used to conduct business, it has now become both easy and profitable to work at home, and for moms in particular, it has paved the way to a whole new lifestyle, one in which a woman really can have it all.

Of course, the popularity of this concept is nothing new.  Most moms are pretty keen to run a home-based business in order to make some extra cash and continue to feel commercially viable even as they raise a family.  Just think about the longevity of occupations like mystery shopping, selling Avon, and hosting Tupperware parties (or more currently, Cookie Lee).  Women are always looking for ways to work while at home.  All technology has done is to allow a more diverse range of options for professional women to continue to pursue a career in a flexible fashion while still cooking the casserole and getting the kids to school on time.  So if you’re on the fence about moving your business a bit closer to home, consider all of the advantages you have that women of previous generations did not enjoy.  The possibilities for the modern work-at-home mom are practically limitless, and you should not hesitate to look into the options available to the motivated mom.

Jennifer Kardish is a writer for Adiamor Diamond Jewelry. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement rings, engagement ring settings, loose diamonds and other fine diamond accessories.

Image source:  workfromhome-business-opportunity.com

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