Are you tired of typing relevant words on the search engine, and get useless results? The amount of content in the web is overwhelming, and many users become frustrated or puzzled because search engines like Google or Yahoo are not giving them exactly what they need to find.

Many of us just type the first words that come into our minds, sometimes forgetting that some words could have multiple meanings. Sometimes we just enter one keyword and expect the right information to pop up. Of course, favorable results could still flash in your screen with just one word, but most of the time, it is not exactly what we are looking for. In the process, we end up being confused, losing time, and finding what many would call “trashy content.”

Here are some tips that could help you improve your search engine results:

➢ If you are browsing through pages and pages of links and still can’t find the “right content,” then don’t just keep clicking on the next page. Redefine your search terms. Try different words.

➢ Use as many relevant keywords as possible when searching. For example: If you’re looking for a certain brand of flea treatment for your dog, such as Frontline, don’t just type “Frontline” in the search box. You’ll quickly realize that, in addition to results for Frontline flea products, you are also going to get results for the PBS news show Frontline – which is not what you want. Be more specific – include “Frontline flea for dogs” and you’ll find more results of what you are looking for.

Frontline search results

➢ Use quotation marks for more specific results. For instance, if you want to type a phrase or a sentence on the search engine box, don’t just type a series of words and expect to get the exact words. Enclose the phrase or sentence with quotation marks, so the search engine would filter out results that do not show those keywords.

➢ Remove unnecessary words that could mislead your search. Use the most important keywords but make sure the details are sufficient. Making a slight change in the keyword phrase can give you a whole different set of results.

➢ If you are wanting results that are local to your area, then use local search. Add your city, state or zip code to the keyword phrase and you will get results that are in that defined area.

Be willing to experiment with the different search engines, and the various techniques for improving your results. I usually don’t have the luxury of time to look at several pages of results, and this helps me to get the information I need, and move on to my next task.

About the Author: I’m Jane Warren and I love to write, travel, scuba dive, and rescue animals (those on dry land)! I publish information related to pets, water sports, and some search engine topics.

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