Bedroom is the very important place in one’s life as that is the ultimate leisure place, enjoying place with music, video, chats etc., Best viewable part in a bedroom is the bedroom ceiling as one when lied down in the bed, they have the attention over the bedroom ceiling. Various materials like POP, Gypsum board, wooden and metallic are getting used nowadays to make a attractive bedroom ceiling design. But they have both positive and negative effects. Let us see in detail.

Cove in the ceiling

Cove gives the facility for a bedroom to have its hidden light effect. Entire purpose is to soften the room atmosphere. Whenever the walls connect the ceiling there will be stark angles and they are all will not be visible in the coved ceiling. The nature of coved ceiling starts at the place where the walls meets the ceiling. Alternatively a decorative ceiling will be having in multiple levels in the ceiling or sometimes multiple materials would get used in the ceiling design.

Barrel vault

This is the very simplest ceiling type which can be applied on large scale to give an attractive look. It is having one arch that gets repeated over and over again and having an elegant approach. This is the perfect fit for bedroom ceiling and also one can apply the same to media room and dining rooms too. Individually one can prefer to paint attractive pictures in this type of ceiling.

Dome ceiling

Dome type ceiling is the most liked one by the people. Either a half-circle or a softer curve is required to design the ceiling. Sometimes domes are having the soft lighting feature in it itself and provides beautiful light ring to the room. This is an optional feature and plainly also one can plan to have a dome type ceiling. Materials like POP makes the dome ceiling an elegant one. This is the perfect fit for bedrooms in smaller space.

Groin vault

Groin vault is well suited for a large space bedroom and the designing is somewhat complicated because it is nothing but the intersection of many barrel vaults. But the designing provides a space as a beautiful architectural style of medieval or Romanesque. Mostly this is the perfect fit for giant sized bungalows having large space bedrooms.


Designing is an art though it is for office or for literature etc., Especially when it comes to home and that too for bedroom, one need to determine in which budget the entire building is going to get constructed. Building an own house should be an one time investment. Care should be chosen to set the bedroom ceiling designs in an elegant, easily maintainable way. POP floors are good to see but faults will be seen if POP is not applied perfectly that makes the bedroom or home itself a bad look. Wooden ceilings are having many benefits but there are many chances of insect bites due to wooden nature. Metallic ceilings also possess their own advantages and disadvantages. By following the above said techniques one can decorate the bedroom ceiling nicely. Ultimately it is the individual choice as in each and every design there are positive and negative effects.

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