Home is a place where every individual and his family take shelter peacefully. Most of the people like to spend their time at the homes which provide them a secure and comfortable environment. So many people pay out a lot of money in designing their homes. To design a home he/ she have to go through several processes like primary contact, design meeting, initial sketches and progress strategies. A number of 3D (three dimensional) software is now available in the markets which help an individual to design their home according to his/ her desire.

Steps to design a home:

The basic steps an individual must undergo to design his/ her home is as follows:-

· The individual must talk to a customer representative of a designing company.

· He/ she must plan the design meeting.

· Next he/ she must meet the design manager.

· Initially a rough sketch is drawn.

· Next step is to design the schematic plans and the progress tactics.

· At last, the final construction takes place.

Why an individual shouldn’t buy his/ her dream home in the sun:

An individual should not build or buy a house in the sun for the following reasons:-

· The tremendous heat of the sun may faint out the paint at the outside wall of the house.

· The walls of the house may crack due to the intense heat and the house gets damaged.

· The heat may cause the room to heat up and so the people staying at the house will feel warm.

· An individual may also suffer from sunburn skin.

Factors influencing house external appearance:

There are several factors influencing the external appearance of a building. Some of them are:-

· Garages must be integrated with the house design and the gate of the garage must be held up from the central building line of the house.

· The side elevation must be considered for houses on corner lots and border parklands.

· Two storey houses are needed to step in or out at the greater stage to produce articulation and attention.

Designing various parts of the house:

· Roof design

Roof designing is very vital for the appearance and presentation of a building. It ensures that all the doors and windows opening are protected and allows good ventilation and cooling during hot and wet weather.

· Design of walls

The external walls of the house must be colored in such a way that it complements the environment. Bold colors are usually not done. Materials like stones and woods are often used to render the inner surface of the walls.

· Floor design

The floors are often made of woods, ceramic tiles and stones like marbles. Usually they are covered with carpets which increase the beauty of the room and prevent the floor from getting dirty.


Proper designing of a home is very essential. Good design principles can make a home comfortable all round the year.

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