woman-with-piggy-bankBlogging can turn into a profitable venture, one that’s your passion. Blog monetisation is mostly about choosing the right kind of ads to place in the right page and tracking the result of various techniques using Analytics and tools. Of course, every ad should be relevant to the content in your blog. For example, if your blog is all about accessories then choose an ad about a new store, or lifestyle shops online. If your blog is about finance and address queries on ppi reclaim then monetising it will bring you incredible profits. With so many people looking for financial advice every hour, and most of them turning to the online database for it, your blog will become your major source of income in no time.

Following are some tips to turn your blog into a successful business–

  • Choose the right affiliates: To make money on affiliate ads, the viewers will have to click on to the affiliate programming and register or sigh up. The more relevant the ad is to the content, the more chances of the readers looking into it. For starters, Amazon Affiliates is a hot pick, offering 4% to 15% commission on products. Amazon has all kinds of products, so choosing an ad about one that’s appropriate to the content should be easy.
  • Content: Start writing content that are information based for a wider readership. You can become an online counsellor or consultant. With increase in viewership, you will automatically get more clicks and sigh-ups on affiliate ads.
  • Avoid over-crowding: Do not make the mistake of using affiliate ads on every page, these will earn you nothing. Select pages that are viewed most, and thus the ads can be seen most.
  • Paywall: Build a paywall for your blog, limiting access to only the paid subscribers. Opt for the ‘soft’ paywall that will allow users to view very minimum content, which could be your profile.
  • Talent Acquisition: Big organisations are using this term to attract creative minds for their own development. You can do the same for your blog.
  • Direct advertising: Go for direct ad sales if your daily page viewers are in thousands. The pay offs are much better, though you will need to work harder on promoting their product.
  • Theme: If you have a customised theme for your blog, consider selling it to your fans. Just polish it a bit more to increase its sale value.
  • Promotion: If you get a request for an interview don’t turn it down. It’s the best way to get your name and blog out there to a whole new and wider audience.

Author bio: Lucy from London, UK. A SEO professional, she also writes for blogs and websites on topics as important as insurance and Search Engine Optimisation  to fun games and adventure.

Photo credit: momcentral.com

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