Working from home is a great option for moms because it allows them the flexibility to care for their family while still bringing in that second income (or the primary if their business takes off).  And it can be an ideal situation if you find that you’re pregnant.  What could be better than scheduling your work day to compensate for morning sickness and wearing your pajamas all day long when you can barely get up off the couch, much less manage to make yourself presentable?  In short, the opportunity to work from home can be a godsend, especially for families that still need that extra income or women who have difficult pregnancies.  However, it’s not all wine and roses.  There are some potential pitfalls for the work-at-home mom who finds herself once again in the family way.  Here are a few things to watch out for when you’re pregnant and managing a home-based business.

First of all, you may be sorely tempted to use your pregnancy as an excuse to put things off.  There will certainly be times when morning sickness, fatigue, and other ailments will legitimately keep you from your work, but don’t let it get out of hand.  Take your laptop to the couch and prop your feet on a pillow if the swelling bothers you.  Keep healthy snacks close at hand so you aren’t wandering to the fridge every couple hours to make something.  And try to stick to your regular schedule as much as possible, regardless of the little discomforts you experience while pregnant.

Of course, you will also want to spend a lot of time nesting and preparing for your new baby to arrive.  This is a perfectly natural phenomenon, especially considering you’re more or less stuck in the house all day.  The prospect of a new project such as setting up a nursery may start to consume your thoughts to the point where you simply can’t focus on your work.  And then of course there is all the shopping to be done (cribs, strollers, and cute little outfits and booties to buy).  However, keep in mind that although your job is flexible, it still has to get done.  You’ll be sorry later if you neglect your clients now, so stay on top of your work, exhibit some self-control, and try to set daily work hours so that you have time for both your business and your home obligations.

Choosing to continue working while pregnant, even when you’re working from home, can be both a blessing and curse.  Certainly you’ll enjoy the advantages of setting your own schedule, deciding how many jobs you want to take on, and relaxing in the comfort of your own home while you continue to earn a living.  However, the dream job can quickly become a nightmare if you opt to let your pregnancy slow you down.  Pushing off clients because you’d rather decorate the nursery  or go to the spa for a foot massage is certainly your prerogative, but you may find, when you return to work after the birth of your child, that all your regular clients have moved on to greener pastures (and work-at-home moms who take their work seriously).

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