Many mothers find it difficult to think about returning to work after the birth of a child.  The moment your nurturing instincts kick in, you will no doubt find the idea of leaving your newborn infant with a stranger abhorrent.  This is only natural.  Or maybe you’re just tired of the rat race.  Now that you have a child, your focus is elsewhere.  Thinking about hours spent in gridlock and long days chained to a cubicle is even less appealing than getting spit-up on every article of clothing you own (at least you love your baby).  On the other hand, you can’t just give up working.  Not only does it give you a form of challenge, fulfillment, and personal accomplishment that you can’t find elsewhere, you also need that second income to stay on top of the bills.  So now might be an excellent time to start thinking about some of the jobs that you could tackle from the comfort of your own home.  Here are a few to consider.

1.       Graphic Design.  If you have any interest (or background) in computer graphics, you harbor some artistic talent, or even if you just enjoy using photo shop for your scrap-booking, you may have a future in graphic design.  You should try out a few programs (most have free trial versions) and take the tutorials to get started.  From there, you can take a class if you think you need the extra help (many are available as online courses) or simply get started by creating a portfolio.  Then you can sign up for one of the many freelance services that cater to graphic designers and start applying for jobs.

2.       Writing.  As with graphic design, your ability to work as a freelance writer is going to be largely based on your level of talent and interest.  There’s no doubt you will have to hustle for work at first, but there are websites that allow freelance writers to create profiles and search for jobs.  So as long as your services are versatile, punctual, and reasonably priced, you’re bound to get plenty of work.

3.       Open daycare.  If you’re going to be stuck in the house caring for your own child anyway, why not make a little extra cash and help out neighborhood moms who are making the trek to the office every day, by offering your services in the arena of childcare?  In some cases, you may have to apply for a license to run a daycare out of your house, so call your local chamber of commerce to check before you get started.

4.       Virtual Assistance.  If you can type, answer a phone, and make travel arrangements, then there’s a good chance you can be a virtual assistant.  You will likely be asked to carry out the clerical tasks that would normally be assigned to a secretary (drafting correspondence, organizing files, data entry, booking travel, and possibly taking phone messages, to start).  And there are a surprising number of executives who prefer to outsource this position rather than having someone in house.

5.       Tutor.  If you’re a college graduate, you may have some luck in offering tutoring services out of your home.  The best thing about this is that you will virtually only have to work in the afternoons or evenings (hopefully when your spouse is available to take over baby duty).  Check in with local schools to see if you can post flyers or look for services in your area that will hire on work-at-home employees.

Jennifer Kardish writes for Home Equity which aims to inform individuals about different loan options and what each option entails.

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*A few of the above jobs are listed here on this site- just search to locate.

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