Working with virtual employees on any number of different projects is becoming increasingly common for work at home moms and professionals all across the board. When a team really comes together, puts in their greatest effort, and gets the job done well, the whole team feels great about having accomplished something special. This is an especially significant achievement for virtual employees, as they’ve been working independently on their own time, mostly unsupervised. It’s common in the working world for managers to reward their employees for a job well done, but this becomes more difficult on the virtual platform. Start thinking about gift ideas for your virtual employees.

Office get-togethers for pizza or dinner parties are common in many companies, and universally appreciated by employees. However, for the work at home mom managing a virtual team, coordinating something like this can be difficult. If your team members are all living in a relatively close geographic area, you might still be able to organize a nice party for the employees. Start a correspondence with everyone on the team to find a time and place that everyone can fit into their schedules. This is a great way for your virtual team members to get to know each other and grow closer.

For virtual employees who are spread out all over the country, or even all over the world, such an event will probably not be possible. A great gift idea for employees on far-reaching teams is a simple personalized letter of thanks and congratulations accompanied by a thoughtful gift card. Your virtual employees are most likely a very diverse group, and you may not know them very well. To avoid the headaches of this kind of shopping, gift cards for places like Starbucks, Amazon, and other widely available retailers with lots of options are a great choice that can let your employees know how much you appreciate them.

Consider adding a touch of personality to your employee gifts. Fun and unique gift bags from can give any gift idea a touch of personality, making it more special and putting a smile on every employee’s face. You can even fill your gift bags with any number of fun and practical gifts from coffee mugs, to chocolates, to personalized pens. The potential ideas here are really limitless. Think about what your team does, what they’d like to do in their spare time, and what you could give them to make them feel valued and appreciated. This could be a valuable step in keeping your team happy and motivated for a long time.

One of the best things about giving gifts to employees for work at home moms is the element of surprise. Catch your employees off guard by sending gifts not only on holidays once or twice a year, but any time a big project has been finished, or simply whenever you feel like it. You can make real connections with your virtual employees this way, and turn them into friends rather than names in your address book.

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