Looking good is something that concerns every woman (whether she’s willing to admit it or not).  And while it’s certainly easier to maintain a sleek, sophisticated, and fashionable look when you’re young and family-free, getting older and having kids is no reason to let your look go to pot.  You don’t want to be the one woman at PTA meetings who exemplifies the “frumpy mom” look that says the onslaught of children has left you bereft of any feelings about your personal style (mom-jeans, crocs, oversized sweatshirts, and scrunchies are all your fashion enemies!!!).  This is especially important for work-at-home moms, who tend to be the worst offenders.  The fact that you don’t HAVE TO go anywhere should not be used as an excuse to wear your pajamas all day and neglect basic hygiene.  It can have surprisingly adverse effects not only on your appearance, but also your outlook on life.  But if you remain skeptical about the role of fashion in your life, read on for a few good reasons to stay stylish despite a lax lifestyle.

  1. Self-esteem.  When you look good, you feel good.  It’s not rocket science.  Letting yourself go can have a tremendous negative impact on your self-esteem and leave you feeling depressed and anxious.  Even if you feel like it’s too much trouble to look your best, choosing an actual outfit (that doesn’t include sweats of any kind) and slapping on a little lipstick will make you smile and engender a positive attitude that will transfer to other areas of your life.
  2. Productivity.  Believe it or not, the way you look can affect your productivity.  Think about how you felt when you got up early to shower, dress, and perfect your appearance before going into the office.  You started each day fresh with a desire to achieve something.  If you’re schlubbing around the house in your comfy flannel pajamas and bunny slippers, you’ll likely gravitate towards watching a movie rather than getting work done.   There’s a lot to be said for the psychological aspect of feeling how you look, so if you want to gear up for work, set the stage by starting with your appearance.
  3. Your husband (or significant other).  Does this really require explanation?  Nobody wants to come home to a spouse who has been wearing the same clothes since yesterday.  A clean and tidy appearance shows that you care about not only yourself, but also those who must be subjected to your presence.  Your husband didn’t marry the troll under the bridge, and he sure doesn’t want to come home to find that this mythical monster has taken over his house (yes, that would be you).
  4. Fitness.  The minute you stop paying attention to how you look, you will be equally tempted to let your fitness routine lapse.  If you’re wearing sweatpants all day, are you really going to notice an extra five (or twenty) pounds?  At least if you’re trying to squeeze into jeans every morning, you’ll have incentive to stay on track with diet and exercise (which will also make you feel better).
  5. Your future.  Although working from home is an excellent solution when you have kids, you may at some point decide to return to the workforce in a more traditional capacity (i.e., outside the home).  If you’ve already got a beauty regimen in place, the transition won’t seem like such a shock.

Jennifer Kardish is a writer for Bag Bunch, a top online magazine that discusses the latest in celebrity bags, and fashion trends.

Image source:  momstylefiles.blogspot.com

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