When that milestone first birthday arrives, everyone wants to find the perfect gift for the baby. If the baby is a girl, there are plenty of options you can consider for gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. Think about the personality of the child and concentrate on the things she might really enjoy. Also, strive to find personalized items that will stand out among the other gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. Here are some of the best gifts that I remember my daughter receiving when she turned 1.

Hand print kit
Everyone says that children grow up fast and when you look back over the years of their childhood, it seems to be true. Your daughter will only be 1 once and her hands will not stay little forever. If you cement her hand into a block hand print, you will have an item that will last forever, even if she continues to grow. The cement hand print kit works well in the landscaping, or even somewhere in the house. At age 1, your daughter may even enjoy pushing her hand into the mushy material.

It’s true that a one year old may be a little too young to understand or fully appreciate jewelry, but as she grows, she will likely enjoy playing dress up and pretending to be a princess or many other things. She will likely also want her ears pierced someday and Disney princess earrings make wonderful gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. My daughter does not yet have her ears pierced, but she does have a jewelry box to keep her earrings, necklaces and other special items for when she is ready for such things.

Month by month photo frame
When a baby turns 1, it is fun for the parents to look back on her growth and development on a month by month basis. Most parents take pictures of their little one on a regular basis and it is easy for them to find a picture to fit into each month’s hole. The frame, when filled, can be hung on the baby’s wall, in the family room, or in many other areas of the house.

Doll Like her
Most little girls also eventually love dolls. For baby’s first birthday, you might also consider getting the little girl a doll that looks like her. You could even buy her an outfit to match the doll. Many little girls enjoy matching their dolls as they get older and even some 1-year-old girls play with dolls and enjoy being a “mom.”

Walker toys
Some one year old girls are walking, while others are simply starting to try. My daughter walked when she was 9 1/2 months old and she was running by age 1, but she still really enjoyed walker toys that she could push around at high speeds. These toys are great for kids that are just starting to walk. They can help them learn more about the balance they need to walk on their own. Most walker toys today also double as a complete entertainment center. One side has the handle and walker portion and the other side has lights, music, buttons, and many other fun things for the child to do when she is sitting in front of the walker.

Those are some of the best gifts for baby’s 1st birthday when thinking about a little girl. Many of them work for boys as well, but these were some of my daughter’s own favorite gifts when she turned one. Now that she is nearly 3, some of them still rank among her favorites.

BIO: Martha Marks found herself too busy to hit the stores for gifts. That is how she became internet savvy and now, she offers her tips to others.

Image source: entertainmentguide.local.com

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