The warm days of summer are here again.  And while you’re certainly looking forward to taking your laptop out to the deck and working on your tan even as you endeavor to bring home the bacon, there is one aspect of the season that you’re dreading.  With the warmer weather comes the end of the school year, meaning you’ll have the kids underfoot night and day, clamoring for attention, snacks, and rides to the mall or their friends’ houses.  Although you love spending time with your children, you know that the constant interruptions are going to make it nearly impossible to get any real work done.  But what can you do to curb the chaos and meet the needs of your business?  By signing your kids up for a few fun activities, you can ensure that they stay distracted (instead of distracting you) and even get out of the house to enjoy the outdoors.  Here are just a few things you may want to try.

  1. Day camp.  There are likely many options for day camps in your area.  Some will pick up kids via bus daily for a variety of field trips (to the beach, the pool, the museum, local parks, etc.) and all you have to do is provide them with a sack lunch and sunscreen.  Others pick up once a week (which still gives you one full day of kid-free silence in which to get work done).  Either way, it will keep your kids busy for at least a portion of the summer and often, provide for some fun and educational trips.
  2. Sports league.  Soccer, softball, martial arts, or any number of other sports could provide you with a much needed break during the summer.  They will keep your children occupied with practices and games/meets and give you a bit of down time to get some work done (even if you just bring your laptop to the practice and work while they play).
  3. Horseback riding.  What kid wouldn’t love to spend the summer riding horses?  Many horse barns offer not only lessons, but also a way for kids to learn to care for the animals they’re using as mounts.  They’ll learn to wash, brush, and maintain the hooves of their horses, as well as muck stalls, bridle and saddle, and lunge (exercise) the animals.  It’s a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun and teach your kids responsibility and how to treat other creatures with kindness and respect.
  4. Summer reading.  By signing your kids up for a summer reading program (or even a challenge – you can find them online) you can ensure that at least a portion of each day will be spent in “quiet time”.  You can require children to attend to their reading a couple of hours a day, and it should be fun for them if they choose books they like.  This will give you at least a little time each day to attend to work and ensure that your kids aren’t glued to electronics all day.
  5. Kid share.  If you know other moms that are home during the day (with kids that are friends with your kids), why not create a schedule that allows each mom a couple of free days each week?  Each mom in the group can host all the kids at her house one or two days a week and then get a couple of days off in exchange.  This could allow you the time you need to get work done (on days the kids are gone) so that the time you spend with them can be high quality (meaning you’re not splitting it between work and family).  This will also give you an opportunity to take your children and their friends on summer outings to the park, the library, or the community pool.  Plus, your kids will get plenty of play time with friends.

Jennifer Kardish writes for Home Tuition where you can find an excellent tutor for your child in a range of subjects.

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