The decision to work from home while you raise your family can be fraught with difficulties, especially if you need the extra income.  The time required for your home-based business to take off could leave you with a lot of bills and no money to pay them.  So while you’re working to build up a clientele and turn a profit with your enterprise, you might need to consider taking on some part-time work outside the home as a way to tide you over.  It’s not an ideal situation, and you will likely have to face placing children in part-time daycare (or working out a schedule with your spouse that will detract from your family time), but it could just give you the time you need to see your home-based business really take off, ensuring you more money and more time at home.

But how do you go about finding the right part-time job?  When you need the money, you can’t afford to be too picky.  And yet, you want a position that suits your talents and level of skill, so common part-time employment options like fast food and hospitality aren’t necessarily going to allow you the opportunity to operate to your potential (or earn what you need to make it worthwhile).  And you certainly need to find something that’s going to make sense with your schedule at home.  Not only that, but you don’t want to get so drained from your part-time job that you don’t have the energy you need to devote to your burgeoning business and your family.

If you’re a former business professional (or you have good clerical and technical skills) you may have a lot more options than you know.  Probably your best bet is to consider freelance options or sign on with a temp agency to secure placement with a part-time employer.  Website like ODesk and Elance provide freelance employment opportunities for writers, graphic designers, and even virtual assistants (among other things).  If you can take on a few clients in this capacity, you might actually be able to continue working from home full time (although you’re devoting some of your time to outside employers).

Of course, this type of work may pose the some of the same difficulties you’re facing with your home-based business (which is to say, you’re still going to have to hustle for work and it likely won’t be steady).  A temp agency may offer a good alternative.  Your professional talents can be put to better use in an office setting (doing filing, data entry, or other clerical tasks) than a drive-thru (would you like to upsize that?).  And a temp agency may even be able to secure better job placement for you if you have a specialized skillset or experience that applies to a particular job type or industry.

In short, temp agencies can help you to find some of the best (and best paying) part-time jobs on the market.  You can also find some great opportunities on various job sites online. Although it can be tempting to take the first thing that comes along, regardless of suitability or pay, you should look into all your options before you jump in and take the help wanted sign out of a store window (anyone starting their own business should NOT be working at Starbucks or any other position that requires a nametag).  The fact that you’re taking on part-time work doesn’t mean you have settle for something beneath you.  Take the time to find the job that’s right for you, even if you don’t plan to hold it very long.

Guest post provided by Jennifer Kardish

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