Since your own personalized workspace is in your home, it can be even harder to get anything done.  Do you find yourself spending most of your time reorganizing paperwork, readjusting furniture, or shifting around piles of boxes – just being plain distracted inside your home office even when the kids are playing outside?  Have you wondered how you can change your work habits by simple refitting your workspace?  Give feng shui a try in your home workspace and soon you will be on your way to increasing and maximizing your potential productivity and efficiency.

Because your workspace is located within your home, the first and most important feng shui guideline to follow is to make sure you choose a space that is as far away from your personal bedroom as possible.  This allows you to keep your personal life and your work life separate, and the more distance you are able to put between your work area and your bedroom the less likely the energy from your personal life will infiltrate the positive and creative energy you need in your workspace to remain productive.  Not to mention, the further you are from the bedroom, the harder it will be for the kids to find you and distract.  They’ll know, when mommy is in the office, she shouldn’t be bothered.

Surround yourself with the energy you want to bring to fruition.  Plan the décor of your workspace with productivity and success in mind, and as you begin to place things around the space you will spread out that positive energy.  Only bring items into your workspace that make you feel happy, appreciated, and successful.  Since you’ll be surrounded by these things often while in your home workspace, stay away from placing things around you already associated with negativity or old baggage; after all, you don’t want to bog down your working mentality with negative and distracting energies.  Keep the kids play things out of your workspace, this will only bring in that distracting energy and will take away from how productive you can really be.

Be mindful of the quality of light and air flow into your workspace.  You want to keep your mind happy and healthy, and it needs an adequate amount of oxygen and light to function in the most productive and creative of ways.  The most natural light you can manage to have flow into your workspace, the better.  This will allow you to feel more comfortable and will make your mind that much more alert and awake.  The more eased you allow your mind to be, the more likely you’ll leave all the household stress out of your home office.

Place your desk so that your back is not turned to the door, this is called a commanding position.  Finding a spot in your home office where you can place your desk so that it is not aligned with the doorway and you don’t have to stare at a wall is the most powerful commanding position.  This will allow you to attract much more strong and successful energy into your workspace and will help you increase your levels of productivity.  Plus, this way you can see if the kids are running down the hall towards your office and you can stop them before they cross through the door.

Keep your space clear of extraneous and unnecessary clutter.  Clutter not only takes up extra space in your work area, but it drains your energy and distracts you from being as efficient and productive as possible.  Plan out days, maybe once a week, when you set aside a small chunk of time to clear your workspace of the items you don’t need that are just taking up space.  The rest of the house can be a mess, but keep that home office in order so that you can keep your work productivity in order.

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