When traveling with a family, you want to make sure you get the best hotel for your money, especially during the holiday season. Many people get busy at the end of the year and fail to effectively plan for their family’s holiday getaway. The following 8 tips will help you make the best choices that will make this holiday season the best.

1. Location Matters

Before booking a hotel, check out where it is on the map. Many families want to be close to dining, entertainment and shopping resources, so a hotel located in a convention center area may not work well. Also, some people want to make sure they avoid potentially unsafe neighborhoods while staying in an unfamiliar city. Browse to the law enforcement websites in the area of your destination to check out the public safety record of the area.

2. Check Different Sources For Pricing

Exercise caution when ordering a hotel room from a discount website because they often leave out some of the amenities your family counts on to have a good stay. Also, special package deals offered by the hotel companies usually do not appear on those sites. Sometimes guests can get a better price or more amenities if they contact their hotel’s reservation line by telephone.

3. Amenities

Many families that travel never use amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers or restaurants while staying at a hotel. However, many families do, especially if they plan to stay for longer than a couple days. Make a list of any amenities that your family plans to use and then book a hotel that has all of them available.

4. Stay Off The Beaten Path

Holidays are the only time many family members get to see each other, so extended stays are common. Rather than relying on a national hotel chain, consider staying at a Bed and Breakfast for a more intimate experience. These lodging facilities are often locally owned and operated and allow guests the chance to enjoy life as a local resident rather than strictly as a tourist.

5. Room Size

Make sure the room you reserve has enough space. Many families face the temptation of ordering a small room to keep costs low, but that often paves the way to an uncomfortable holiday. Make sure everyone has enough room to get around by reserving a suite, ordering a larger room or requesting two adjacent rooms.

6. Loyalty Programs

If you can use rewards from a hotel loyalty program or frequent flyer miles to offset or upgrade your hotel accommodations, the holiday season is a great time to do it. Take some time to tally up your points and miles and see if you can stay overnight for free.

7. Discounts For Children

Some hotels want to attract families just like yours, if you have small children. To do this, hotels might offer free accommodations, free meals or other incentives. Offers like these can drastically reduce expenses for families on a tight budget, so call around until you find one

8. Microwave And Fridge

Staying away for the holidays can cost a lot of money, but families can contain costs by buying food at a local market and storing it in their room. Before reserving a room, find out if the hotel has a refrigerator and microwave. Everything from snacks to small meals can cost a lot less than buying them at a restaurant.

This family holiday hotel checklist offers 8 helpful tips for managing holiday accommodations. Keep these in mind as you plan your trip, and then enjoy being away with your family.

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