Childproofing-HomeIf you have preschoolers, you are surely aware of their extensive curiosity. In fact, it can be difficult to get any work done at home while the youngsters are around. They spend their day playing, asking questions, and exploring, the latter of which can become dangerous if your home isn’t properly childproofed.

While toys and games have previously been entertainment enough, your growing child may inevitably seek fun in cabinets, drawers, and places where you may be storing cleaning supplies, sharp utensils, or other potentially harmful things. Childproofing doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming project, but there are precautions that you should take to make sure the job is done right.

Child safety latches will prevent children from opening drawers and cabinets, and are a surefire way to ensure safety. When purchasing and installing latches, consider the following:

  • Don’t purchase cheap latches that are easy to breach or will break easily. Remember that you pay for what you get.
  • Make sure to purchase latches that reset themselves. This will prevent you or a member of your family from accidently leaving a drawer or cabinet unlatched.
  • Follow instructions when installing latches to ensure that they will function properly.
  • Install latches on all cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bathrooms to eliminate the risk of you or a member of your family relocating a harmful substance to a cabinet without a latch by mistake.

Once you have outfitted your kitchen and bathrooms with latches, you may want to take additional steps to ensure your child’s safety. Here are just a few safety precautions that are worth exploring:

  1. Place knives and other sharp utensils out of your child’s reach.
  2. Apply poison warning stickers to chemicals or cleaning solutions in your house, and teach your toddler what they mean.
  3. Lock up any liquor or other alcohol in a cabinet that is out of reach. Not only are the liquids harmful, but the bottles can also be dangerous for a youngster.
  4. Utilize the upper shelves and cabinets for other items that can be dangerous, including foods that are off limits for your child.
  5. Purchase door knob covers to keep your child from opening pantry doors where harmful substances may be found.

Working from home is a challenge for most moms due to the many distractions that come with the territory, but with appropriate childproofing, you can ensure the safety of your toddler and gain piece of mind.

Angelo DiGangi is a Home Depot “on the floor” sales associate at a suburban Chicago store. Angelo’s writing interests include providing design ideas for Home on kitchens. He also regularly writes for the website on kitchen cabinets.

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