Economical kitchen flooring no longer requires a big, elaborate DIY adventure. Peel and stick vinyl tile has become the mainstay of budget-oriented kitchen design. The emergence of digital technology has lately merged affordability and style in the floor covering marketplace. The newer images on tile allow for a variety of looks and styles for vinyl tile floors while not interfering with the flooring’s DIY ease.

Vinyl is still the simplest, cheapest means to make a new kitchen floor. The versatile range of colors and styles with vinyl tile also allows for different pattern and color combinations to create something unique. The look can be made to mimic real tile at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl is also much kinder on the feet.

If vinyl is out of the question due to aesthetic or environmental concerns, there’s always linoleum. It’s nearly as inexpensive as vinyl tile. With styles almost as diverse as vinyl, linoleum also imbues a home with a sense of warmth and quality that is a touch above the shiny plastic stuff.

Homeowners seeking greener home design choices will be pleased to know that linoleum is made with recycled materials. While only slightly raising the remodeling budget, linoleum can also effectively simulate high-end remodeling options like real wood, stone and genuine tile.

Another green flooring is bamboo. This used to be a pricey option, however, with improvements in technology and wider use, bamboo has become an affordable choice. It’s also a way of getting a warm and wood-like look without laying out the cash for real hardwood. Bamboo is also incredibly eco-friendly as it’s a quickly renewable resource.

The search for economical kitchen flooring needn’t be limited to the pulp and plastic realms. Porcelain is very budget-minded when purchased on sale. Its sister tile, ceramic, isn’t very expensive either.

With them, one’s home gets the true tile look too. When dealing with style choices, ceramic and porcelain are every bit as versatile as vinyl and linoleum. The downside of this choice is that this surface proves hard on the feet and legs at times. This is especially a problem with kitchen flooring.

Another option in this general price range would be recycled materials. Everything from old wood to ceramics have been recycled as kitchen flooring. Other people have even taken to molding, painting and firing their own tiles. For the homeowner with artistic talent and a few tools around the house, this might be a great design choice.

For the rest of us, there are great retailers that usually offer good prices on home products. Never stop the search for value with home stores, however, since local flooring companies will often beat their prices, especially where installation is concerned. Last year’s styles, close-out tile and other similar budget flooring options should also be investigated.

The important thing to remember is that, while the price will only be paid once, the homeowner will be walking on that floor for many years to come. Budget flooring doesn’t always equal comfort.

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