Centuries ago, people lived a simpler life with far fewer possessions. Hunter-gatherer tribes took only what they could carry on their backs or drag behind them. And even agrarian civilizations collected just what they needed to survive. But thanks to a rampant culture of consumerism, not to mention scads of products meant to make our lives easier, modern man is now beset by so many home goods and personal possessions that our houses can barely accommodate the clutter. This could mean seasonal cleaning in order to clear out unused items and send them to another family in need, but you might also be seeking a few good ways to increase the potential for storage throughout your home. Luckily, there are all kinds of solutions that will help you to keep your stuff organized and find a place for absolutely everything.

The first thing you’ll probably want to consider is how to make the storage options you already have work better for you. For example, you likely have at least a few closets and cabinets in your home. But they may not be particularly suited to your storage needs. A bedroom closet with nothing more than a bar to hang your clothes on could leave you with a pile of shoes on the floor and no place to put hats, purses, and other accessories. However, by adding some shelving, a shoe rack, and storage bins you can keep the clutter to a minimum, make sure everything has a place to go, and increase the longevity of your wardrobe by storing it appropriately. This same principle also works for your pantry, your home office, your bathroom, and every other room in the house. Often, a large part of creating “additional” storage space is simply finding ways to better use the space you have.

Next you should turn your eye to unused spaces that are conducive to storage. You might be scratching your head at this prospect, especially if it seems like every square foot of usable space is currently festooned with furnishings, décor, and piles of stuff. But what about overhead space? You can start in the garage by installing overhead storage racks that are meant to get boxes and bins off the floor so that you can actually fit your car in the garage. Some even have hooks to hang your bikes or other sporting equipment. But you don’t have to stop there. Nearly every room in your home could benefit from added shelving that allows you to utilize unused wall space for storage. And if you don’t want everything on display, simply add colorful and coordinated storage boxes and bins for a modern and cohesive look that will compliment any room and help you to declutter.

A final option if you want something a little more sophisticated is to add built-ins or hidden storage. For example, you might look for a platform storage bed from or another retailer, ottomans that can hold throw blankets, or a table that has storage underneath for oversized dishware. And when it comes to your living room you could build in an entertainment unit with shelving or cabinetry to hold media. Or you might build out one wall of your bedroom with a unit that includes tall cabinets and drawers for clothing and accessories. Once you’ve found ways to optimize your usable space with proper storage solutions, it’s time to consider adding the storage needed to make every room in your home more efficient.

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