Whether you find yourself having to host clients in your home or you simply want to spruce up your work space in order to create an aesthetic that is more conducive to concentration and innovation, perhaps you’re looking for simple and cost-effective ways to clear the clutter and add some punch and pizzazz to your dull, drab home office. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways that you can upgrade and decorate for less in order to make your home office into the professional haven you crave. Here are a few areas that you might want to focus on.

  1. Coat of paint. If there is a single better way to change the look of your space than through a coat of paint, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. You should think about spending a few extra bucks for a paint-and-primer in one since it will save you both time and money in the long run (especially if you’re undergoing a radical color change). And you might even want to do an accent wall with metallic, geometric-print wallpaper. This trendy look can be expensive, but one wall won’t cost you nearly as much and it will make your office look super posh. As for colors, you probably have a fair notion of what you find personally appealing. But if you want an environment that is charged with creativity and inspiration, bold, bright, warm colors (pinks and oranges, for example) could be just the ticket. And if you prefer something more calming, consider pale blues and greens.
  2. Organizers. Clutter is not only unattractive in an office setting; it can also create a serious mental distraction, as well as make for a far less efficient workspace. For this reason it behooves you to include a variety of organizers. Start at a store like IKEA, which can offer you modular storage units (shelving, cabinets, desks, and drawers) at great prices, or shop online furniture outlets for these items. Then try hitting up discount stores like Walmart and Target to get colorful bins (cardboard or plastic) that you can arrange on shelves and in drawers to hold supplies, paperwork, and so on.
  3. Cord management. Once you’ve got all of your office supplies safely stowed away, you might start to notice other areas of clutter, like your unsightly conglomeration of electrical cords. Here, too there are all kinds of solutions that will help you to manage and even hide these glaring eyesores. Wire covers and consolidators come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to meet your needs. And you might want to consider utilizing a large power strip (with surge protection) to get all your cords going to one central hub.
  4. Seating. While you can certainly pick up cheapo chairs from any number of vendors, you might want to splurge a bit here if you work in your home office frequently. Consider springing for an ergonomic chair for yourself at the very least. And when it comes to seating for clients or kids that make their way into your office, leave your IPE garden bench outside where it belongs and get a couple of cute office chairs or even a small sofa. You can find these items for less at estate sales or online discount sites like Overstock.com.
  5. Accessories. A few well-placed mirrors, some low-wattage lamps, and plenty of plants to provide greenery and oxygen won’t cost you a lot and they can add the finishing touch to your office space that truly makes it your own. Throw in a couple of family photos or framed artwork created by the kids and your overhauled workspace is complete.

Image source: homedecoratingideaspictures.com

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