When you put your life in perspective and measure your accomplishments, what do you want to do? Do you want to look back at all those times when finances were the main troubles with completing your goals? How many times did you have to pass up a great opportunity because it was outside of your budget?

The sense of feeling stuck comes about to everyone that feels they have stagnated in their goals. This is usually the result of improper personal finance or external conflict. However, the feeling of being “stuck” comes and goes when you’re ready to admit to your mistakes and own up to becoming a better individual. Once you develop the right mindset the finances become the last of your worries. You will have a clear vision for your future.

Conversely, this feeling of being “stuck” can also come about when you’re in a power position. You will often find yourself becoming too “comfortable” with your placement which doesn’t give you the drive to continue your education and personal growth.

Work doesn’t need to limit you

Stephen Macmillan is the type of individual that could we could use as an example because he’s like many who have worked their way up the ladder to a high-ranking position. Like many, Macmillan moved on to other opportunities because of circumstances that were out of his control. We’ve all experienced situations where we have to leave our jobs, but he made the best of it – as we all should.

A recent article here on Potential2Success entitled “How to escape a dead-end job” hit the nail on the head when it comes to breaking past the barrier set in place by finances when you’re tired of your position and want to make a change.

The concepts in the post tie into the idea of leaving work but can be applied to this very post, such as:

·  Seeking outside help from others which may give you the opportunity to explore new careers and ventures thanks to your personal and business connections

·  Turning the escape into a secondary job to which you use as much of your free time to find ways to escape this feeling of being stuck whether it’s investing in your education or starting a business of your own

Success after failure

Do you know what Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Steve Jobs had in common?

They were all individuals that experienced great failure before becoming a success; many of those mentioned were stricken with enormous obstacles due to financial stress but they pushed through and made it their life’s mission to accomplish their goals.

If you were to take anything away from this article it should be this:

When faced with an overwhelming sense of stagnation and a limiting barrier caused by personal finances one should examine their choices and align their burning desire for change in the direction of prosperity.

Do everything within your power to maximize your talent and skills, find ways to interact and connect with those that may introduce new opportunities, change your lifestyle and emulate the person you wish to be, and don’t allow financial setbacks be the limiter to your success.

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