As a work-at-home mom, you probably don’t have a lot of time to think about what you’re eating.  The demands of working a paying job as well as raising a family (your other job) don’t leave you a lot of time or energy to consider your diet or how it can affect your life.  But by neglecting to care for your body (by ignoring the fuel you put into it), you may be causing more harm than you think.  Sure it seems easier to grab whatever’s handy between finishing a report, cleaning the mess your kids left in the kitchen, and cleaning the messy kids, but by skipping out on healthy eating, you could actually be making your life a lot more difficult.  Here are a just a few ways in which an unhealthy diet can lead to burnout.

There’s no doubt about it: you’re stretched pretty thin.  And between work and kids, your personal needs have fallen to a tentative number three on your list of priorities.  You likely eat quickly (if you find time to eat at all) and reach for foods that are pre-packaged and full of additives and preservatives.  You probably also have a deeply personal relationship with caffeine.  And you might not notice, but you’re bound to be grazing throughout the day, causing your blood sugar to go through an ongoing cycle of spikes and dips, rather than remaining steady.  None of this is good for you.  It can leave you feeling pretty awful, with symptoms like fatigue, irritability, and weight gain topping the list of potential pitfalls.  In fact, this inattention to your dietary needs is likely responsible for a host of secondary symptoms that could be detrimental to your purpose in skipping meals.  You are likely unable to focus on work (causing a drop in efficiency) and you might be short-tempered with your kids.

So how can you get back on track when you simply don’t have a minute to spare?  Well, think of it this way: more time spent on your diet could actually lead to more time in your day.  This may sound counterintuitive, but hear me out.  By taking the time to plan nutritious and healthy meals throughout the day, you will keep your blood sugar steady, which will in turn lead to better focus, an improved attitude, and increased energy and productivity.  When your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs, you won’t be held back by physical problems (headaches, body aches, fatigue, etc.), which will allow you to complete your work more quickly and spend more time playing with your kids (chasing them around is good exercise!).  Balanced (but small) meals are a must and you should consider tossing anything that comes in a package and replacing it with fresh fruits and vegetable, nuts, and yogurt for snacks.

In short, paying attention to what you’re eating (and when) can completely change your outlook on life, as well as your potential to manage your time more efficiently.  This can make a huge difference in how you feel and function in your daily life.  You might not think you have time to work a healthy diet plan into your life, but by committing to do just that, you are likely to see an increase in energy and focus that actually gives you more time in a day.  And that is definitely worthy of your time and attention.

Jennifer Kardish is a writer for DustPruf which specializes in food packaging equipment and water bottling equipment. DustProf puts an end to product debris and buildup.

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