Home decoration is a pretty important aspect when it comes to designing homes.  Usually we see that women of the household are the ones who are making great efforts to decorate their homes in the best of ways.  If you seek it or leave there is a huge difference between the homes that have had women in them and homes that were run by bachelors.  This difference can be encountered due to the lack of decorations and beautiful decals.  If you are a woman and are buying a new home then you surely need some designing ideas for your home decorations.  There is no other best way to know of different ideas than designing for DIY Moms.  Here are some of the following great home decoration ideas that you can easily follow without incurring too much cost.

The first idea is to fill up your empty walls with beautiful paintings.  That trend nowadays is to have colorful walls in the shades of pink, blue, red, orange etc.  If you decorate these beautiful walls with amazing paintings that you can create are at home then your house would look extremely lively.  This idea for designing for DIY moms is very popular.  We received so many reviews which were very positive from many women all around the world who have employed this decoration idea and were able to inspire their living.  The idea is to decorate your walls with contrasting colorful paintings.  For example if you have a red wall in your lounge area then you can go for a painting that has colors such as Blue, white and yellow.  The contrast of these colors will look amazing and will give you a satisfied feeling whenever you will have a look at your wall.  Try this idea and we are sure that you will be very happy with it.

The second idea is to decorate your home with beautiful pottery that is actually hand painted and then has a setting off glass on top.  These amazing pieces may sound difficult to make but actually they are very easy to do so.  All you have to do is buy three different sizes of decorative pots from a shop along with several paints and brushes for this particular designing for DIY Moms. You can paint the pots according to the color scheme that you like.  When these pots are drying you can sprinkle some of the salt or beads which come in different colors, to add in more effect.  These colorful beaded pots will then from the base of your table.  Then all you have to do is select out a round size of glass and set it on top of the pot.  This will become a whole new table for you, which is actually hand-made and very cost effective.  You can use these tables as coffee tables or telephone tables.  These tables can also be set in the corner of your lounge and have further decorations set on top.

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Image source: iammodern.com

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