Working at home can be a dream come true for many moms.  Without a nine-to-five punch card and a commute to take up the majority of your day, you have the freedom and flexibility to raise your kids as you see fit, schedule appointments at your discretion, and jet out for coffee on a whim.  And of course, you don’t have to drop your kids off every morning to be raised by strangers at a children’s daycare facility.  On the other hand, you do have to get some work done.  Whether you start your own company or you work largely on a freelance basis, you’re going to have to hustle for clients, dedicate time and attention to seeing that projects are done right, and deliver in a timely manner (not to mention handling invoicing, billing, PR, marketing, finance, and literally every other aspect of business that large corporations have a huge staff to cover).  It can be a lot of work to run a home-based business and when you throw kids and a household into the mix, you’re bound to have a lot of distractions.  Here are a few ways to deal with the daily grind.

1.       Schedule around your kids.  Children tend to follow a daily routine that involves meals, naptime, playtime, etc.  Use their circadian rhythms to help you plan your day accordingly.  If you know they’re going to be occupied, use that time to get some work done.  Of course, there are bound to be disruptions, so try to plan for the unexpected by leaving yourself pockets of free time throughout the day to juggle your schedule as required.  Just remember it’s a balancing act and you have to roll with the punches.

2.       Stay organized.  Nothing will sap your free time faster than having to search high and low for a vital receipt, work order, spec sheet, or other item that requires immediate attention (or your son’s favorite toy that is MIA, leaving him howling in the middle of your work day).  Have a place for everything so that you can keep everything in its place and you will save precious time each and every day.

3.       Mandate a separation of space.  If you need to keep an eye on your feisty little tykes throughout the day, cordon off a play space for them in your office.  Differentiate their area with a colorful rug, a small table for coloring or crafts, and a portable DVD player (with headphones!) where they can watch their favorite videos.  This way you can keep them close-by while you continue to work.

4.       Coordinate with your spouse.  If you find that you simply have too many demands on your time throughout the day to get a good workflow going, talk to your spouse about having some dedicated closed-door time in your office when he gets home.  This way you can enjoy some uninterrupted brain activity to slog through a tough project while he spends some quality time with the kids.

5.       Consider part-time help.  If you love being home but are having a hard time getting a handle on simultaneously tackling what amounts to two full-time jobs, consider using a chunk of your extra income to hire a neighborhood babysitter or even a professional au pair part-time so you can get some work done and your kids can have a regular companion at home (and under your supervision).

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