Doesn’t it seem as if the summers keep getting hotter every year? And as if your electricity bill keeps getting bigger every summer? If you and your bank account are both suffering from the heat, here are some suggestions that can help.

1.  Close your blinds. Something as simple as keeping the sun from shining into your house will go a long way towards keeping things cool in summer.

2.   Avoid using your oven. Summer barbecuing isn’t only fun, it will help keep your house cooler. Planning summer meals around salads and sandwiches whenever possible will also help keep your kitchen from feeling like a sauna.

3.  Insulate. The sun is beating down on your attic all day, and that heat is circulating through the rest of your house. One of the best things you can do to cut down on that stifling summer heat is to insulate your attic.

4.  Make sure your cooling devices are in tiptop shape. Having your air conditioner tuned up at the beginning of the summer will ensure you’re not throwing your money away on an inefficient appliance. And did you know your refrigerator can also use some help? Cleaning your refrigerator condenser coils will keep your refrigerator humming away more efficiently all summer.

5. Use energy-efficient bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, and less energy means less money.

 6. Unplug your appliances. If your appliances are plugged in, they may continue to consume energy even if they are turned off. Plugging items such as your TV into a power strip so that they can be turned completely on and off will help with summer energy costs.

7. Make sure cooled air isn’t leaking out of your house.  Air ducts and leaky windows are two common escape routes for the cool air produced by your air-conditioner. Make sure your ducts are properly insulated and that your windows aren’t leaking precious cool air.

8. Plant a tree. This isn’t the quickest way to make your house cooler, but it’s one of the most efficient. Trees around your house will not only make it cooler inside, they’ll also increase your house value.

 This is the ideal time to start thinking about how to make your summer cooling devices more efficient.  You’ll find that even if every summer seems hotter than the last, your summer utility bill doesn’t have to keep going up.

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