Customer-Service-BusinessThere is absolutely no way around the fact that if you want a successful business, you’re going to have to provide some great customer service. After all, without people, where would your company be? However, we’ve all had moments when we’ve gone to a store, sat at a restaurant or even called or emailed a particular place and were not treated as though “the customer is always right”.

As a matter of fact, we found ourselves wondering if we were valued by the business staff at all.

That’s the purpose of the article. To show you how good customer service affects your business and how bad customer service, on some levels, can actually infect it:

How Good Customer Service Affects a Business

When you treat each customer like they are important and of value, this brings about many positive results. One of the most obvious is that it significantly increases that chance of them being a return customer; however, it does more than that. For one thing, some of the most effective marketing for any company comes from word-of-mouth and so when you cater to the needs of a customer by returning calls, sending out “thank you” newsletters, providing coupons and discounts and providing solutions to customer problems, this makes people want to refer you to other individuals that they know. This, in turn, increases your clientele, which also increases the cash flow of your company. Not only that, but when a business is doing well, it keeps the staff’s morale high, which also increases the business’s productivity levels.

How Bad Customer Service Infects a Business

The company that knows that people don’t just pay for a service but how they are treated as well is a company that tends to be proactive when it comes to avoiding what would be perceived as providing poor customer service. Examples of bad service would be inconsistent communication with customers, rude responses to complaints, not being solutions-oriented when it comes to addressing problems, not going above and beyond when a customer is dissatisfied and trying to be right over making the customer happy. When a customer has a complaint, they are already letting you know that they are not happy with the way things have gone. When you, in turn, challenge them on it or ignore what they have to say, you are not sending a message that they matter to you and who wants to spend time or money where they are not appreciated? Plus, when a customer walks away feeling that way, not only does it prevent them from referring the company, but any time that the name of the business comes up, there’s a pretty big chance that they are going to tell the story of what happened to them and the person who heard it will keep it in mind as well. Then, when that person is talking to someone else and the company comes up, they will share the story that they heard. The bottom line is this: corporate branding companies will probably tell you that when you provide bad customer service to one person, it ends up having a significant domino effect. Treat each customer like they’re your only and your last and that is how you can get some of the best results.

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