In the technological age that we are living in, if there’s one thing that has resulted from it, it’s that people desire instant gratification. So, as it relates to this particular article, if individuals don’t have to spend a lot of time reading and researching to find out the kind of information that they want to know, they would prefer not to.

This is a part of the reason why websites like YouTube and Daily Motion are all the rage. This is also why if you’re looking to do some beneficial marketing for your home-based business, you should definitely consider creating a promotional video.

Sure, on the onset, it may sound a bit complicated and expensive, but it honestly doesn’t have to be either one. As a matter of fact, we did some of the grunt work for you and discovered five things that you can do to make your own promotional video without having to pay a lot of money (if you already have a video camera, of course) to do it:

Write your script. Yeah, you probably thought that reality television is really about simply turning on a camera and seeing what happens, right? It’s not something that a lot of people want to think about, but there actually is somewhat of a script that goes along with it. When you’re making a video, especially a promotional one, you want to be as clear and concise (and quick) as possible. So, it’s a good idea to write out a script and practice going over it a few times in order to time yourself before hitting “record”.

Record your voiceover. The best kinds of quality videos have voiceovers in them. This requires having a good microphone or you can use a recording tool such as Garage Band or Mixcraft. Once you have the proper equipment, if you don’t have the best speaking voice, try and get a friend who does to do it for you for free. Or, you can sign up on a website like oDesk or Freelancer and recruit someone for a one-time fee.

Create your visuals. Just sitting in front of a camera talking for two minutes is kind of boring, wouldn’t you say? So, a way to “break it up” is to create some visuals. You can use some online stock art. You can use a screen capture tool like Screen Flow. You can even incorporate different clips of live video ( is a website that can provide you with ways to do that easily and effectively).

Edit your video. This may be the most challenging part, but it’s still vitally necessary. If you don’t know anything about video editing, Adobe Affect Effects is one site that can walk you through the process in a pretty user-friendly fashion. There are other video editing programs as well such as iMovie (for Mac) and PowerPoint (for PCs and Mac). They also feature online tutorials.

Publish your video. Oh, before we get into publishing your video, if you want to add music to it, in order to avoid any publishing red tape, you might want to use something original. Or, you can go to Audio Jungle or Premium Beat to pay a $15-30 fee. Or you can go to for a wide variety of sound effects. After you have all of these steps in place, then it’s time to publish your video. It is recommended by YouTube that you export it into an MPEG-4 format so that your video will have high definition. Then, you can upload it onto your website and also YouTube (for free) and/or Wistia for a reasonable price. Just make sure to add a title, description and tags to it. Good luck!

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