When you need to clean a nasty stain from your floor, furniture, upholstery or carpet, there are some rules that you should follow in order to remove the stain completely. The following rules are quite simple, but you need to remember and use them. Keep in mind that almost every stain can be removed so don’t be pessimistic about it. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Act immediately: This may sound like common sense, but it is the golden rule of cleaning just about anything. Only a few spots actually need some time to dry before they can be removed. A spill or a drop of food requires immediate attention. If you treat the stain right after it happens you have a guarantee to remove it. If you decide to wait, it may stay on the surface forever. When you know the nature of the stain you can choose the right product – either commercial or a natural one and treat the area successfully.
  2. Follow the instructions: If you have a special commercial stain removal make sure you follow the directions on the product. If it says it has to soak for 20 minutes then let it soak for 20 minutes. Don’t mix products and don’t try any bold moves when it comes to commercial cleaners as their fumes may be hazardous to you or their mixing may ruin the surface you are trying to clean.
  3. Test the product: Testing the product or the green mixture of natural products you have just made on your own is essential. Choose a hidden spot and pour or sprinkle some of the cleaning product. This way you can check whether there is any side effect, such as discoloration.
  4. Treat the stained area from the back: This trick is used in almost every instruction for removing stains. Apply the product from the back side of the stain and if you need to pour water do it from the back as well. This will cause the stain to travel all the way until it disappears.
  5. Be careful when using bleach: If you want to bleach just one stain on a garment, be extra careful as the result may be an uneven colour.
  6. Don’t mix products: Concentrate on using one product only after you are sure it will successfully treat the type of stain and avoid using product after product. Rinse well and scrub gently with fingers. Always wash the surface thoroughly after you’ve treated it with a product.
  7. Products need some time: Be patient as most stain removing products don’t work magically and they need some time to soak in the garment before you can see the effect. If the stain is not completely gone, you can repeat the cleaning steps.
  8. You can’t remove some stains: There are types of stains which cannot be removed by using the typical stain removal tips and products. Even if you remove the stain, you will end up ruining the texture or the colour of the garment. If the stain has been on the surface for a long time, it may be useless to even try to remove it.

The above-mentioned tips are the golden rules of cleaning various stains. Make sure you have a good stain removal product and you know which natural ingredients to use in order to have good results. Don’t despair if you cause a stain on your upholstery or carpet, as long as you act quickly you have a great chance of successfully removing it all.

Cindy Davis is dedicated writer and blogger. She is constantly seraching for new sources of inspiration and is mainly focused around home maintenance and home improvement projects. Therefore she presently contributes articles on household and office cleaning.

Image source: carpetcleaningdoneright.com.au

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