Does your bathroom smell like a gym locker room? Can you actually see through those windows? And where DOES all that dust come from? Keeping your home looking (and smelling) its best can be time-consuming, especially for work-at-home moms. You’ve already got enough on your plate without domestic duties! How many times have you wished there were simply more hours in each day to help you get everything done? Cleaning schedules are one way you can make your time more effective without compromising on the quality of the work being done.

Start With A List Of Chores

The first step to making your cleaning efforts more efficient is to list all of your chores. Then group those chores by room, frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly), or priority. Organizing that closet can probably wait but the floors are grabbing your socks! You can also use this list to delegate responsibilities between family members. Then, start each day with daily chores. This frees up your time later in the day for other things.

Cleaning The Old Fashioned Way

Old fashioned housewives used a simple rhyme to ensure all the housework got done on a regular basis. In Laura Ingalls’ Little House on the Prairie, it was “Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday…” and so on. While there’s no need to break out the butter churn, you can use the same idea to make your cleaning time more efficient. A simple cleaning schedule might look like this:

• Monday – washing, ironing
• Tuesday – bathrooms
• Wednesday – walls, windows, and dusting
• Thursday – saved for bigger, random jobs (Remember that closet?)
• Friday – floors


Some jobs handle themselves for a while, such as laundry. You can use that “waiting time” to get other jobs done. If you have a favorite television show, use that time to get the ironing done while the kids are playing or napping.

Speed Cleaning

Sometimes you will find out at the last minute that guests are on their way. Don’t panic! Simply grab a laundry basket and use it to collect clutter that can be put away after your guests leave. Next, take a damp cloth and wipe down visible surfaces. Then run the vacuum and give the hard floors a quick damp mopping. Finally, put a pan of water and spices on the stove for a delightful aroma that doesn’t come from dangerous artificial fragrances.

Professional home cleaning services have long ago learned that cleaning schedules organize time the most efficiently. You can hire a commercial janitorial company to do your housework, or you can use a cleaning schedule to make the most of your cleaning time, freeing you up for a trip to a favorite restaurant or the gym.

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