By Becky, the Clean Mama

We love them, but our pets can sometimes be a bit more work than we’d like. (I have a chocolate lab, so I have cleaned up my share of pet stains!) Don’t fret too much — the key is to tackle the stain as quickly as you can before it sets in.

First, soak up the mess with absorbent paper towels or rags. If the stain is on something that can be laundered (such as a small area rug), pretreat the stain and wash separately in your washing machine. If it’s on carpet, use a pet- and human-safe antibacterial cleaner. Just rinse the cleaner from the carpet by blotting with a wet rag, then a dry rag until no liquid appears on the towel.

Note: Don’t just focus on removing the visual stain; removing the deep smell in the fibers is just as important, so that your pet or other pet visitors don’t smell the spot and automatically assume it’s a free potty zone.

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