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Christmas shopping is never easy, especially for the busy work-at-home mom. Balancing a professional life with family matters can get hectic all year round, but the extra stresses of the holiday season tend to amplify the difficulty of finding time and balance in your life. Finding balance in your checkbook is even more difficult. Among the many obstacles of the holiday season is your budget. Without a miracle, it seems, you’ll never be able to get all this shopping done for less than a small fortune. You need guidance, so read on for the best Christmas time saving tips for work-at-home moms like you.

The first step towards a budget friendly Christmas is to make a plan for your shopping. Write up a list of all your intended gift purchases to start. Be as thorough as possible–the idea is to reduce impulse purchases and buy only what you need. It’s the things you don’t plan on buying that put you over budget. When you have your list finished, start thinking about where you can go for your gifts to consolidate your shopping. If you can get as much as possible done on a single trip, you’ll end up saving both time and money.

When you get out and start hitting the stores for your Christmas shopping, be sure to shop smart. In the old days, shopping smart often meant little more than clipping coupons and reading circulars to find the best deals on the items from your gift list. Technology has changed everything. Now you can use any smart phone as a portable price comparison device. Don’t waste your time running back and forth between stores to compare prices and still wind up over-paying. Make use of popular shopping apps like SnapTell and RedLaser to instantly search for the best prices in nearby stores.

For many shoppers, nothing beats the convenience of online retail. As a work-at-home mom you will probably find this especially attractive. It’s tough to make time for shopping trips, so browsing from the comfort of home has great advantages. Many retailers will be running Christmas time promotions as well, so online shopping can end up saving you money. To make the most of your online shopping, buy as many of your gifts as possible from the same website to cut down on shipping costs. At the same time, try searching the web for online coupons and promotion codes. You may be able to get free shipping or heavy discounts for your gifts.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be a time of good cheer, but so many of us get lost in our shopping lists and lose both our sense and our holiday spirit. It’s not as difficult as you’d think to have a happy holiday–if you can learn how to save cash at the supermarket, you can easily become a Christmas shopping pro. Just remember these easy tips and you’ll be the best Santa Claus in town.

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