By Jane Blanchard


The holiday seasons is upon us, and if this year most of your budget is dedicated to all the expensive gifts your kids absolutely need (and would die without, they swear), here are a few interior decorating ideas that will warm your home and save you money.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an understated yet important component of interior decorating. They add flair and a pop of color without standing out. To add a holiday touch, buy a cheap tablecloth with a festive pattern you like and use it to cover the pillows for the holidays.

Depending on your skill level, you can create a sham with a zip to insert the pillows. Alternatively, wrap the pillow in the cloth as you would a present and tie the corners into a decorative knot. For both, you can find short tutorials online to brush up on the technique before attempting your own.

Tea Lights

A Christmas-themed tea-light holder is a great design element for the buffet in your dining room, a table centerpiece, a mantel or the coffee table. Start with a scrap piece of two-by-four, cut it to your desired length and paint it. To hold the tea lights, use small mason jars that you’re going to glue to the wood.

To finish the look, gather a bunch of twigs from your backyard, glue them to the wood in a scattered pattern and, using the leaves and flowers from a poinsettia plant (you can find cheap plants at any hardware store), cover the twigs.

The completed project should resemble a fallen tree branch decorated with the colors of Christmas while the sparkle of the tea lights offer a gentle, soothing illumination.

Staircase Garlands

This last idea is perfect for your staircase. You can also make little bouquets and place them around the house, for example on the ends of a mantel or on an entryway table.

For this idea, all you need are a handful of pine cones, a few yards of garland, silk ribbon in any color you like and the rest of the flowers from your poinsettia plant.

First, decorate the garland by gluing on the pine cones and flowers. Next, weave it over and under the handrail. With the ribbon, create tails down bows and glue them on wherever the garland rests on top of the handrail.

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