Whether they are used to decorate the interior space or set a specific mood, beautiful, scented candles are perfect way to set the ambiance. It is the most commonly used decorating item that adds life and style to your space. They can be used in bedrooms to add warmth and charm to the room, in dining rooms to create cozy conversational atmosphere, as coffee table decorations and as relaxing mediums in bathrooms.

Decorative candles are often expensive, and you may not be able to find the kind of candle you want. Now, you can make your own candles at home by using the best quality ingredients of your choice. This way you will not just save money but you can also use your preferred scent and color and use your creativity while making them. So, decorate your candles with rose petals, crystals, leaves and add different fragrances such as cinnamon, lemon, waterlilly or pine.

How to make candles for home decorating

For making decorative candles, you will need:

– Thermometer
– Paraffin candle wax
– Acrylic paints or candle paints
– Wick
– Fragrance drops
– Paint brush
– Candle container
– Old pizza slicer

The procedure:

You can make candles of any size, shape or color depending upon your choice.

Prepare the chips:
The first step in making attractive candles is to make chips or thin strips of wax. For this, melt the wax in a double boiler. The temperature of the melting wax should be between 170 to 180 degrees. Once the wax has melted, add color (dye) and fragrance to the molten wax and stir it continuously to avoid formation of lumps. You can add glitters if you want.

Prepare the tray:
Apply some cooking oil on a shallow tray and pour the molten wax in it. Let it cool for some time. Make several trays of different colored wax.

Make chips:
Once the trays are ready, make thin rectangular chips using pizza slicer. So, now you have grid of rectangles in each tray. Don’t press them too hard otherwise wax will break.

Arrange the chips:
Arrange the colorful chips haphazardly in a glass candle holder. Place a wick in the center of the glass holder. Now, melt some more wax of contrast color and pour it on wax chips in a glass candle holder.

Your decorative candle is ready: Let it cool for some time, and then slowly remove it from the glass candle holder.

If you want, you can use different designs of molds and paint them with vibrant colors or glitters. The procedure of making candles remains the same. You can choose from different aromatherapy oils or unique fragrances, like Pink Peony and Campfire smoke.

Candle making is fun. You can use your imagination and creative ideas to make beautiful and innovative candles for decorating any space in your home. Homemade candles are the best for all kinds of festive occasions, but also make beautiful gifts for friends and family.

Some companies (helpful resources) offer wide selection of wicks, candle additives, labels, tea light lamps, candle making kits and candle tins at one place, so start by purchasing all the materials you need and begin your creative candle making process.

Image source: Flickr

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