For mothers working from home, blogging can be a great way to earn some extra money. Like all work-from-home jobs, being a full-time blogger requires discipline and effort. The rewards, however, can certainly be worth the time that you put into them, as not only can skilled bloggers earn a considerable amount of money through their writing, they can also make new friends with like-minded individuals that share their interests.

What Should You Blog About?

The key to a successful blog is to have a theme: something you’re passionate about – your business or a niche’ market subject. While other topics are not taboo (we all feel the need to write off-the-cuff from time to time), you should try to keep most of your blogging focused on whatever theme you ultimately decide upon. Some good examples of successful blogger moms include The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, and The Daily Blonde.

Best Blogging Platforms

When I think of good blogging platforms for new bloggers, two immediately spring to mind: WordPress and Blogger. Both platforms are free of charge, and offer unique features designed to make setting up and maintaining a blog easy.

Blogger is a product of Google, which makes adding money-earning adverts (such as AdWords) to your blog an easy task. Ready-made templates complete with images and backgrounds can be used, or you can create your own if you know how. Blogger also allows several people to ‘own’ the same blog, so if blogging on your own seems too much to take on, you can also enlist the help of a mommy friend to participate.

WordPress is another excellent free blogging platform. It provides free custom-designed templates, integrated statistics, and automatic spam protection. WordPress also allows you to export your blog to a personalized web address. For just under $15, you can register your own unique address to give your blog a more professional and personal feel.

For the more-advanced user, a visit to will allow you to download web software that you can use to create your own website or blog. Big names such as The New York Times, eBay, Katy Perry, and Twitter Media have all opted to use the WordPress blogging platform for their websites.

Monetizing Your Blog

There are literally hundreds of venues for monetizing a blog, and they run the gambit from begging (via a PayPal or Amazon ‘donate’ button) to advertisements and affiliate programs. The key is getting the right balance in your money-making efforts – enough to bring in some money, but not enough to irritate your readers. Some popular monetizing methods include Amazon Associates, which lets you earn up to 10 percent in referral fees made by linking (name dropping) and Yahoo! Publisher Network, which displays contextual adverts on your site. Other monetizing endeavors include guest blogging, writing e-Books, self-publishing, and selling merchandise.

Increasing Traffic

The easiest way to increase traffic is through correct search engine optimization (SEO), using carefully placed keywords and links. For instance, if you are blogging about an article that you read, mention the article within your post and link to it. Of course, to remain credible as a blogger, links and keywords need to be relevant and applied with common sense. (As an example, if I were blogging about my new Sony laptop, my keywords and links might include: Sony, laptops, and then perhaps something like Laptops Direct Discount Codes and/or Laptops Direct Discount Vouchers.)

Credible links will ultimately earn the trust of your readership, so don’t go too overboard on them. Eventually, people will start linking to your blog, and before you know it your traffic will start to increase, and your earnings will increase considerably.

For years now, expert blogging sites like Problogger have been telling us that mom blogs are the ones to watch – and they are right. Moms have a lot to say and their blogs capture our attention and our hearts.

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