The face of education in schools has been changing lately. Many public institutions have been cutting programs for education in the arts in favor of strictly academic curricula that focus on raising standardized test scores due to a lack of funding, while others rally against this focus, citing a need for instruction in the arts and humanities as a means of helping students grow into cultured and well-rounded individuals. Music programs are often the first on the chopping block, but a music education has many varied benefits for kids. It is important that you, as working mothers, understand these benefits and strive to get the best education for our children.

Music is an incredible way for children to learn a beautiful form of expression, for one. This creative outlet is important for our kids because it gives them a means to develop the ideas that are fluttering around in their heads every minute of every day. Childhood is a time of creativity and imagination, and nurturing that spirit is one of the best ways to help them develop into creative young adults. Without a generation of creative minds, the world cannot hope to make progress, and we all know very well that the children are the future of our world.

Not only is an education in music good for developing and nurturing creativity, it also helps children perform better in their other academic studies. This benefit has two sides. On the one hand, music is a highly mathematical art form–it utilizes a variety of mathematical principles and arrangements to turn sound into music. This heavy influence of math helps children improve their skills in arithmetic. On the other hand, an education in music provides a fun release from the usual drudgery of classroom education, giving the kids something to look forward to in their days, and making education as a whole more exciting and engaging.

An integrated approach to learning and education is the best way for children to become intelligent and capable students. Overspecialization is, in many ways, the inbreeding of weakness. If your children are only educated in a few subjects, they miss out on the benefits of an overarching education that covers all ground. Studying a wide variety of subjects helps our kids in the learning process by developing their minds in a wholesome and holistic way. The time for specialized education comes later–in the beginning, your kids need a wide variety in their learning, including an education in music.

For centuries, music has been hailed by the greatest minds in the world as a beautiful and important form of art. The great Russian novelist Tolstoy placed music above all other arts as the most perfect. Too many people today underestimate the importance of education in the arts. A music education could not only be a great artistic pursuit, it could also lead to an online music education degree and a fun, fulfilling career in music instruction. Do not let the artists and teachers of the world become a dying breed. Music education for children has too many benefits to be ignored.

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