Now, if any of you are bag addicts and really LOVE your bags, and for that matter your shoes and boots too, I would love to introduce you to Bagadocious – a wonderful company that has come up with a genius way to organize and protect your purses, handbags, boots, and shoes!

Remember how you love the way your handbags and purses look and feel when you first bring them home, but after a few months, they don’t seem to look as hot? This company has solved all that for you.And don’t you have just the right place where your bags are safely stored? (And no, hanging them on the back door or stash them in the closet don’t count!) More often than not, these precious investments get bashed around and become dusty… As for your shoes, aren’t you just bored with the typical cardboard shoe boxes?

Bagadocious solves all that!

They have created these wonderful, quality fabric bags for storing your bags and shoes so they are not only safe, but also very attractive and easy to find too!

This is how it works, you send Bagadocious a photograph of your handbag, purse, boots, or shoes and they create a gorgeous, custom made storage bag with a picture-perfect replica of your item right on the bag!

…How awesome is that?

These bags are really nice and the pictures on the front are so detailed it’s hard to tell if you are looking at a photo or the real thing! It’s a patent pending process…and all their bags are made from 100% natural fabrics that not only protects your bags and shoes, but it also nurtures and conditions them too!

A Bagadocious bag sells for 47.00 USD. You can get one FREE by CLICKING HERE.

This is a special offer (FREE plus P/H) only for WAHM Resource Site readers! Again, how awesome is that?

Take advantage of this great deal while it lasts!


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I received no products or monetary compensation for this post. WAHM Resource Site readers have a limited opportunity to receive a Bagadocious for free plus P/H.  Article provided by Bagadocious.

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