Schaumburg, IL —BY YOUR SIDE, a unique therapy center, dedicated to providing speech and language therapy, ABA therapy and Occupational therapy to children, teenagers and adults with autism, will open its second center on Thursday, March 1, 2012, at 1920 Thoreau Drive, Suite 180, in Schaumburg.

BY YOUR SIDE is a center for children, teens and adults with autism in the Chicagoland area providing both group and individual therapy in a comfortable home-like environment. These strategies coupled together have helped individuals with autism and their families develop better communication, social and behavioral skills.

BY YOUR SIDE’s philosophy includes the belief that language is the foundation of all communication and is embedded in every facet of life. Improvement of language skills is directly correlated to quality of life and ability to participate in its activities. These skills are most effective when taught in a natural and relevant environment providing direct instruction and opportunities for generalization with a variety of communication partners.

The floor plan of BY YOUR SIDE is set up to promote and create a natural environment. The center is made up of rooms found in a home with subtle accommodations to support the individual with autism. The facility also includes instruction rooms which are specifically created for one on one teaching of skills in a room free of all stimuli. Language concepts, communication strategies, sensory integration and social skills are then taught within the activities of each of the “home” rooms. Additionally, daily living skills are easily incorporated into therapy with this home design. The center features a living room, kitchen, play room, art room, rec room and indoor playground. The center also includes a clubhouse area for parents/guardians to wait in comfort.

The functional design of BY YOUR SIDE paired with a team of licensed professionals is dedicated to helping each individual become the best version of themselves, teaching them the skills to participate in activities of everyday life.

BY YOUR SIDE’s Schaumburg Center Director Kathryn Neenan, M.S. CCC-SLP/L will lead a team of therapists to carry forward what Executive Director Julie Martin, M.S. CCC-SLP/L, BCBA created back in 2009 at their first location in Burr Ridge. Kathryn and Julie have worked together since 2008 providing therapy to individuals with autism in a variety of settings. Together they have created new programs and developed existing programs to better serve the needs of individuals with autism.

BY YOUR SIDE offers a number of programming options to address the varying needs of the autism spectrum. Frequency and intensity of the program is unique to each individual and determined by the therapy team which includes the family as an important member of that team.

The ABA Therapyprogram, ABA and verbal behavior, is intended for children or young adults who have behaviors that interfere with learning. The program focuses on teaching an array of functional skills to help increase language, play and socialization within the demands of everyday life.

The Language Builderprogram is created to teach language concepts, speech production, basic reading skills, communication skills, social interactions and interactive play skills to allow the individual to have foundational knowledge to cope and communicate in relevant activities of everyday life.

The Augmentative Communication program is intended for children and young adults who currently have access to communication devices but are not realizing the full potential of the device. The objective is to teach the child to navigate through routine activities using the device and to teach the family effective and efficient management of the device.

The Social Circles program is intended for children and young adults who have adequate language skills but have difficulty navigating through conversation and social interactions. It addresses a variety of subjects including social anxiety, conversation agility, verbal and non-verbal responses and negotiating with peers.

The Occupational Therapyprogram is created to address sensory and motor needs that interfere with an individual’s ability to interact with their environment for the purpose of building relationships and learning. The occupational therapist works closely with other therapy team members to create a comprehensive therapy plan that combines sensory processing, attention, fine motor, self-help and adaptive play and leisure skills.

This plan in conjunction with other therapy plans is created to facilitate skills that support the individual in development of functional and social language, communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

With hours of operation from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday,BY YOUR SIDE accommodates a variety of schedules.

SCHAUMBURG, IL 1920 Thoreau Drive, Suite 180, Schaumburg, IL.

BURR RIDGE, IL 361 Frontage Road, Suite 131 Burr Ridge, IL.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation for either location, please call (630)590-5571 or visitBY YOUR SIDE’s website at

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I received no products or monetary compensation for this post. Just spreading the word about a resource for Autism.  Article provided by Katharine Hughes.

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