Imagine being able to create a jungle playroom for your child that has 7 species of realistic monkeys, a life-size zebra, and every other jungle animal he or she could ever imagine?  Your kids will enjoy a new line of lifelike, handcrafted animal toys that have been “set loose” at a new site called The Animal Place! This gorgeous collection is only beloved by kids, it’s also in demand by celeb moms, discerning collectors, and anyone who’s young-at-heart.

The Animal Place Brings the Wild Kingdom to You
So many parents are tired of toys that fall apart after a week of play or don’t engage the imagination. Refreshingly, The Animal Place offers unique toys that are handcrafted by HANSA Toys, a company that’s been creating Toys that Teach for 40+ years. Their toys are even endorsed by major conservation organizations including the Wildlife Trust of India, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, The Silverback Trust and Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.

150 Species, 10 Collections and Life-Sized Ride-able Creatures!
The Animal Place offers the largest array of HANSA creations, including 150+ species, 10 cool collections (likeEndangered Species, Super Safari and Under the Sea), and extraordinary life-sized reproductions (even a huge dragon!) that can hold riders up to 250lbs.
Here’s more:
  • Each toy, whether its a fierce T-Rex or a funny hyena, is meticulously handcrafted and is based on portraits of real animals in their natural habitat
  • Skilled workmanship—not machine fabrication—goes into the final product, resulting in creatures with swishing tails, soulful eyes and distinctive faces
  • Each animal comes with a “Toys that Teach” tag that details the animal’s natural life, helping kids and parents learn together

***The Animal Place has set up a promo code for our readers, which offers up 15% off on any purchase on The Animal Place, until December 31st. The code is HOLIDAY2011.

These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts  for your child!


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I received no products or monetary compensation for this post. The Animal Place provided the article and discount code for our readers. The opinions herein are my own.

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