Peace of mind is always desirable and one of the ways that we can achieve this is to feel safe and secure in our own home.

There are many things we can do to try and ensure that our property is not vulnerable to burglars or at risk from fire and one of the best ways of achieving a good level of protection is to have an alarm system installed.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why you might consider fitting an alarm system and some of the key benefits that having one can bring.


Some areas have lower crime rates than others but there are very few places where there is a zero crime rate, so you have to decide about what risks you are facing in the area where you live. If you lived in your home or in the area for a while then you will probably have a good idea about what goes on in your immediate vicinity but you could also check online to view a crime map to see how many burglaries there have been within a five mile radius of your home or any other relevant data that may affect your decision to get an alarm fitted.

What you have

Many people are surprised at how much all their possessions add up to when they are calculating their insurance figure and even though you may have a good policy to cover you for any loss, your first line of defense is always to try and keep what you have safe in the first place.

Take a look around you and decide if you have a number of personal items that are either valuable in monetary terms or even from a sentimental point of view and then decide how best you can protect these items from being taken from you.

Not just burglary

The thought of an intruder coming on to your property and helping themselves to what you have is not something any of us really want to contemplate but there is also a risk that is equally devastating if it happened to you, and that is fire.

Fire detectors should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that the batteries are working as an early warning system is the key to getting everyone out safely and minimizing any damage from the spread of fire.

Monitored alarm

If you had a monitored alarm system fitted by a company such as ADT Pulse then you would be getting access to a service where for a monthly fee, the company will remotely monitor your alarm status around the clock and act upon any alarm activated by an attempted break-in or a fire.

The alarm company would immediately contact you to check if everything is ok and if they can’t get hold of you or there is an emergency situation, they can arrange for the Police or Fire Department to attend.

This is especially useful if you are away on holiday as it means someone is watching over your property on your behalf and one of the added benefits of having an alarm system in addition to the peace of mind that it can give you, is the fact that your insurance rates may well be cheaper as well.

Only you can decide if you want to install an alarm system in your home but when you stop to think about what you are protecting, you will probably decide that it could be a good idea.

Jane MacCarthy is a realtor. She frequently writes about how to have a happy home on family and consumer blogs.

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