Homeowners that decide to redecorate must balance their aspirations with what they can afford.  For many people, this process consists of a series of trade-offs, which can make the home improvement project feel like a burden.  Worse, they may end up with a result that doesn’t really fit their vision at all.

This doesn’t have to be the case.  By keeping a few key principles in mind, homeowners can enjoy redecorating on a budget and create a look they will be delighted with for years to come.

Take it slowly

Homeowners visiting a paint or carpet store sometimes feel that they must make decisions within a short time frame.  This leads them to compromise their design principles, choosing something affordable whenever their top selection is outside their price range.  A better procedure is to shop for good ideas, mentally banking them for the day when high-quality merchandise goes on sale.

Know your style

Homeowners who take their time will be able to take advantages of deals that sometime pop up at second-hand stores and street markets.  Such a strategy requires a rather large time commitment since consumers may have to visit dozen of these venues in order to find design elements that fit seamlessly into their overall plan.  Having a firm idea in mind as to the final result desired is essential, as is the ability to recognize quality.  A bargain lampshade is no bargain at all it is so poorly constructed that the shape is easily deformed.

Think outside the box

Professional decorators don’t hesitate to repurpose items, and neither should a homeowner taking charge of his or her home improvements.  For example, an old, scratched wooden trunk can make a stunning easy-storage coffee table when painted in a glossy color that complements the room’s carpet shade.

Finally, homeowners in search of a perfect yet affordable look should rearrange their budgets to make room for one or two more expensive items.  These can draw the eye and give the whole room an aura of luxury so that it appears a tight budget was no consideration at all.

Author Bio

Sarah Parker is a freelance writer, primarily interested in home and garden design, with a focus on sustainable issues and greener ideas.

Image source: cheaphomeinteriors.com

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