Holiday is a great season to recharge you to move in a new year with great dreams and awesome ideas. Holiday fever is a unique time to explore your soul, and show people a very creative side of yourself. This is a season when you showcase your abilities of taking care of your home, to your relatives and friends and convince them that you are smart enough to give your place a heavenly look. A big hurdle between you and your desire to renovate your sweet home is expenses. Usually people just lose their hope to create a better looking environment around themselves because of the high costs of the decorating items.

Luckily, you can give a new look to your home with staying in your modest budget. There are very unique ideas to décor your home with some easy investment to give a spectacular look to your environment. You don’t need to turn your pockets inside out, but use some intelligent tips and ideas to use your money in a best possible way. Holiday season needs special attention from the house owner, because it’s a high time for family gatherings and few traditional décor is must to show in your home.

Décor your Walls with Kitchen Accessories

It sounds little awkward to décor your walls with kitchen items, but the real question is which kitchen material we can use as a decoration item? In my view we can use plates as a best decoration piece to give a new life to a wall of your living room. By just using pot paints or little art work with oil paints will change the entire theme of your house and with lively and traditional colors you will give an incredible welcome look to your loved ones.

Not just plates or bowls but you can use broken crockery as a décor pieces with paint colors and hang these materials with little flash lights to turn it into fancy lamps for beautifying the corners of your living room.

Use Books as Decoration Pieces

This idea gives mixed kind of reactions from people, at a point this is not at all a good idea to convert your book into a show piece. For a book lover it is really hard to give up on his living book and create it into a statue, just as a décor piece, but if the owner will go through to his library he will find some traveling books with really awesome pictures and this kind of book will help to décor a corner of your living room.

Create Frames with Baby Clothes

It is a unique idea to use your kid’s old clothes which are not wearable for him, and you are going to throw it out. Don’t throw out the little cuddly clothes of your children, your emotions are highly associated with it, so save these emotional attachments and use it as a memorial wall frame. You just need to stick his little colorful shirt on the frame and hang it on the wall. This emotional piece of your memories will remain with you and give your house a little emotional touch.

Turn Old Curtains into Cushion covers

This is a very usable idea to give a new look to cushions, and give it a designer made cushion cover look. Use a little more creativity to use bright shade curtains, and stich some pastel color satin and cotton frills on it. You can use extra fabric to create fabric flowers and stich it on your cushion covers and show it off a little more impressively on holiday season and make this season more special for yourself.

Use Extra Garden Pots as a Decoration Item

If you have extra garden pots, and you don’t even know what to do with it? Here is the fantastic idea for your extra pots. If you have an extra big garden pot and it is blocking your space and you don’t know where to use it? Simple, use it as a center table. Yes this is a slightly crazy idea but it will give a nice look to your living room. Paint your garden pot with the contrast or matching color of your walls and take a round shape glass to cover the head of a pot. Take some extra clothes and put it inside the pot and décor it with different color of marble balls or anything you would like to decorate your pot with.

These are some cool ideas to decorate your home, this holiday season to enjoy a little more with your loved ones.

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