Working from home can be a good way to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, but there are downsides to it. One of the main drawbacks of being an entrepreneur and working from home is that you’re forced to cover all of your own operating costs – not the least of which is your internet bill. If you want to reduce your internet bill, there are a few things that you can do:

Work at Starbucks — Just because you can work at home, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Why not head out to your local Starbucks, McDonalds, or library? You’ll find that there is free WiFi at all of these places, and you’ll be able to get access to the internet easily. You’ll have a place where you pick up a snack if you get hungry, and you’ll always be able to rely on the internet connection. Libraries will often have better internet connections than Starbucks, but aren’t open as long. You can downgrade your home internet package if you can work outside of your house.

Shop Around — Never settle for the first internet package that you’re offered, but make sure to shop around. There are many companies that will offer you a good service, but the price will be a bit higher than you might like. Look for companies that provide you a packaged cable and internet deal at a good price, or a new provider that will give you a reliable internet connection for a lower price.

Change Your Computer Settings — Did you know that your computer will suck up internet bandwidth even if you aren’t online? Your antivirus program will often be connected to the internet all day long, and it will constantly be downloading updates and data from the internet. If you use Skype, it will require a connection, and the same is true for downloaders. If you want to reduce the amount of bandwidth that your computer uses, disconnect all of your programs from the internet unless they absolutely need to be. Sign out of Skype or messenger, and rely on your phone and your email account to keep you connected to your clients.

Uninstall Software — If you don’t need a program, why not uninstall it? Skype is a great program to use to communicate, and it makes Yahoo! and MSN Messengers redundant. You should use just one antivirus program, as well as one internet browser. Uninstall any programs that are accessing the internet needlessly, and you’ll find that your computer will use a lot less bandwidth.

Just Get What You Need — Do you actually need all the bandwidth that you have? Your internet package may be comprehensive, and you’ll have more than enough bandwidth to do everything you need to. You can get on Netflix, download movies and music, and spend all the time you want on the internet. But do you need to? Think about what you want to do on the internet, and purchase a package that gives you just enough bandwidth to meet your needs. You won’t be able to do all the things you’re accustomed to doing, but it will definitely reduce your internet bill.

As an entrepreneur, it’s a tough choice between cutting costs and contracting reliable services. The tips above can help you have the best of both worlds!

Photo credit: wahmderfullifedotcom

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