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Hills Rotary 8 Washing LineTechnology has made certain aspects of life much easier, and very convenient. Instead of taking that long drive to buy what you need, you can simply go online and shop at your leisure. Instead of going overseas to meet with a foreign client, you can just discuss business using video conferencing equipment and not leave the country. Instead of hanging your laundry, you can stick them in the dryer and be done with a full load before the kids get back from school. For some people, though, the traditional way of drying laundry is miles ahead and much better than using a high tech dryer.

Line drying, using the iconic Hills Hoist rotary clothes lines, can prolong the life of your clothes. When you tumble dry, your clothes are likely to get ruined faster because even the gentlest of spins can be harsh on fabric. Your clothes could lose their shape or get frayed even before you get a chance to really wear them out. The zippers could snag and the seams could come loose. In comparison, line drying with rotary clothes lines is lighter for your clothes. You simply hang them up with proper clothespins and let nature do its job.

Since you’ll be using the heating power of the sun or the wind, you’re likely to save money on energy bills because you won’t be using a tumble dryer. If you’re worried about those odd weather changes, you can use a portable clothes line so you can wheel it in when it suddenly starts pouring rain. Portable clothes lines are also quite handy for families living in apartments or limited spaces. You can put your portable clothes line out on the porch or covered balcony, or anywhere in your apartment.

Aside from the money you save on energy bills (and consequently, the energy you conserve), using rotary clothes lines will also have your clothes smelling better. Your clothes and sheets will smell fresher when you line dry as opposed to when you tumble dry them. Do remember, though, that while the sun is the ideal source of heat for drying your clothes and linen, it can cause colors to fade, so make sure to turn deep-dyed clothes inside out.

Finally, using rotary clothes line, for most people, can also be a relaxing, almost meditative form of exercise. Instead of sitting around, watching TV or reading a magazine, waiting to take out clothes from the dryer, you can spend a good amount of time hanging up your laundry under pleasant skies, and then take a moment afterwards to relax and enjoy the outdoors while your laundry is drying.

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