Do you want your walls to adorn an artistic look? Do you want that feel of ethnicity or grandeur? If you have been long holding this dream then the solution before you is decorative painting. Before you hand over the house for interior residential painting contractors to achieve your goals, you should have some inkling about the art of decorative painting itself.

Know more about decorative wall painting

Decorative wall painting has been practiced as a form of art since the olden days. Artists performing decorative arts make use of several materials such as metal or wood that work as painting ornaments. The decorative painting of yesteryears has been refined and painters make use of these techniques to get the desired effect.

Decorative wall painting of today is mainly dependent on the décor of the room. The painting is done to provide an embellished look to the room and make it look contemporary

Three methods of decorative painting

Tissue paper method: – This method gives the walls a look of crumpled paper. The Cincinnati painting contractors paint areas that are slightly bigger than the size of a tissue paper. Then they use a crumpled tissue paper and then spread it over the painted area. The painter firmly holds the tissue paper in the same place. He then applies paint in straight lines over the tissue paper in a parallel direction to the floor. The tissue paper can be spread as to how you want the pattern. This process is repeated over adjoining areas on the wall so that a unique design can be achieved. You can also do this provided you have some painting experience.

Pattern method: – You need to make use of two shades that are mutual to each other. The key to this form of decorative painting lies in the mixing of the paint. The paints must be kept in two separate containers. One part of the paint must be mixed thoroughly with an equal part of water. Glaze, a transparent paint mixture is then added to both the containers. Once both the containers are ready to be used, they must be applied on the wall. The paint must be applied in an irregular and random manner so that they form crooked patterns on the wall. For better effect, it is better if the paint is applied using a wet gauze cloth.

Fabric technique: – In this method, one part of the coating paint is to be mixed with an equal part of glaze. Two parts of water is added to this. The walls are then painted using a wet paint pad. The paint is applied in a top to bottom direction and a dry brush is moved hard on the painted area. Painters make use of two brushes to ensure that the brush is always dry. The brushes are then moved in a sidewise direction. Once the paint settles, these patterns form beautiful designs on the wall.

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