work-at-home-mom-writingDouble your response rates while dramatically reducing the number of unsubscribes with these seven simple email marketing tips. The best part is that you don’t need to be an email marketing guru to profit from these guidelines.

Start with an auto responder. This allows you to create a predefined sequence of emails you can send to everyone that subscribes. Set this up ahead of time to ensure every subscriber has the same great initial experience, no matter how busy you may get.

  1. Always use an irresistible subject line. The best emails are the ones that get read, so don’t give your readers an excuse to hit the delete button. Make sure the subject line is clear, concise, and enticing.
  2. Be careful of spam triggers. Certain things like “click here” and “free” may get your content flagged as spam. Though you always want to write for your audience and not spam filters, be aware of the situation. Fortunately, most email providers let you test your message for any possible flags, so take advantage of this feature.
  3. Ask to be whitelisted. Requesting that your readers put you on their list of safe senders is the best way to stop your messages from ending up in their spam folder. Bring up the subject early on, when a reader first signs up to your newsletter.
  4. Don’t send emails after hours. Readers are more likely to open a message if they’re on their computer when it’s received. You’ll need to test this to determine the best day and time to send messages.
  5. Be upfront and get personal. Everyone knows that email newsletters aren’t individually typed, yet the best response rates come from those that create personal rapport. Don’t go overboard; just be the natural you.
  6. Personalize the return address of your message. Remember that every conversation has two sides, even if it is a newsletter. Always send your letter from an email address you monitor on a regular basis. Email addresses with the name of a person work better than corporate ones. Whatever you choose, don’t use a “donotreply” address since that gives the impression that you really don’t care about your audience.

Stephen Jeske is a former partner in a 49-year-old family business and writes about issues affecting business owners and individuals including the benefits of Intelius removal.

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