Wireless-Home-Security-SystemsHome security is often at the bottom of a home owner’s priority list, but investing in the right system can save you money and prevent break ins. If you wake up to something that goes bump in the night, a wireless security system may protect your valuables and save your life.

Police departments nationwide suggest taking even basic security precautions, like trimming hedges outside windows for visibility, in addition to home security measures. Security systems don’t just stop burglars either. Some people set up cameras to monitor new pets, and even relatives with medical needs.

Monitoring Carbon Monoxide

Some wireless home security systems will notify authorities when high levels of carbon monoxide are detected in your home, so invest in home security systems that offer this level of service. The device functions like a fire alarm, but rather than beeping to alert you (which the system may also do), authorities are dispatched to your home to deal with a potential leak and evacuate anyone trapped inside.

Fire departments across the US responded to more than 300,000 fires from 2006-2010, so adding a fire alarm to your home security system could be a cost-effective way to save yourself in property damages.

Monitoring Points of Entry

You can easily reinforce points of entry with thicker glass windows, or a steel door, but monitoring points of entry helps spot criminals before they can gain entry into your home. A simple camera placed in the alcove of your porch, above the door, will identify solicitors and help you determine when it is safe to open the door. It only takes a burglar minutes to break a window and gain entry to your home, and if neighbors only hear one loud sound they are more likely to ignore it. Bypass the burglar mindset by keeping a security feed to your house close by.

Alarms That Contact Authorities

A camera system is perfect for monitoring, but when someone actually enters your home it’s helpful to have a system that alerts police in case you are somehow indisposed. Systems can also monitor for fires that may start, contacting your local fire department to investigate. In instances where authorities are able to respond quickly to fires and break-ins, citizens suffer less property loss.

Sensors for Doors and Windows

Sensors that beep to alert you when doors and windows are open are excellent tools to keep you alert when you are in your home. Some alarm systems include this functionality as a standard, so sensors will alert you regardless of whether your system is armed.

Mobile Monitoring

Some security systems offer the ability for users to monitor them from a mobile smartphone. Applications may present information like temperature of your house, number of doors and windows open, or show feeds from close circuit cameras situated around your property. Applications can take pictures of your child coming home from school and send them to your phone as well, providing a solution for parents that want to keep a closer eye on children. Some systems even let you control lighting and security systems from a remote location, enabling you to lock down your home while you’re on vacation.

Discounts on Home Insurance

Home owners that install security systems for their property are likely to receive a discount in their home insurance policy. Companies might shave off as much as 20-percent on a premium for a home with a security system installed. With a home security system, you are less likely to suffer intrusions, and therefore less prone to risks. This long term savings, compounded over time, more than makes up for the cost of installing security for your home.


The best way to get justice for a break-in, and recover your property, is to assemble as much evidence against the burglar as possible. You can’t use forensic evidence like hair samples, and having no information about the suspect won’t help police recover your property. Video footage of someone gaining entry to your home, property that has been inscribed with your license plate number, and sensors that timestamp when someone enters your home are all valuable tools and getting your property back.

If someone does break into your home, show the video footage to the police and report the theft to your insurance company. If your security system has an anti-theft guarantee, you may be able to receive financial assistance to help recover some of what was lost or stolen. Good home security systems don’t just monitor, they can actually help responders react to a situation as it happens, so shop for a system that guarantees fast response times.

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